Equipo de gestión

Jason K. Young.jpgEl Sr. Jason K. Young: Presidente y Gerente de Ventas Internacionales

Jason was graduated in 2005 from Electronic Technology Major with bachelor's degree. After graduated from university, he worked as an quality engineer in a HK accoustic company for two years, mastered the ISO9001, 16949, 13485, QC08000 etc. quality system management experiences. In 2007 Jason worked in ade China membrane switch factory as the international salesman. From 2008, Jason established LUPHITOUCH businessed in membrane switches, overlays, rubber keypads, touchscreens, LCDs. Until now Jason has over 8 years experiences in this industry. He knows the materials, technology and management very well. Under Jason's hard work, until now LUPHI has businesses from USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Italy, France, India, Norway, Thainland, Malaysia, Spain and many other countries and areas. Today businessed products cover membrane switches, graphic overlays, labels, rubber keypads, touchscreens, LCDs, PCBAs and integrated assemblies. Jason has very good English capability and can communicate and discuss technology issue and others with overseas customers in English very well. His professional dedication and hard work gained much good impression from our served overseas customers. In LUPHITOUCH, Jason mainly responsibile for the international market business development and master the factory's development strategy. He is friendly, modest and easygoing. He likes playing football, climbing, cycling, enjoy music and reading.


Samson shi.jpgSamson Shi:  Gerente de Operaciones  y Vicepresidente

El Sr. Shi Samson especializó en tecnología electrónica en su etapa universitaria. Él es un Hengi Electronic Technologies Co., Ltd. as the printer, tester and quality engineer for membrane switches and later he served as project engineer Global Light Technologies LLC which is a USA membrane switch company. On this position he mainly responsibile for the design and project follow up of the membrane switches, rubber keypads and other releated integrated assemblies projects. Samson also knows some basic English, can read English drawing and also can make simple communications in English. In LUPHITOUCH he worked as the vice-president and Operation Manager to manage the factory operation and also provides the engineering support when necessary.


Konrad Farnbauer Schmidt.jpgHerr Konrad Farnbauer Schmidt: Germany Director & Vice-President of LUPHITOUCH, General Manager of KFS

El Sr. Konrad Schmidt Farnbauer tiene más de 35 años de experiencia de trabajo. Después de su maestría en Ciencia de Polímeros en 1981 recogió experiencia en diferentes campos (I + D, ventas, calidad) como director. Su experiencia abarca también campos como la impresión, recubrimiento, moldeo por inyección y el tratamiento mecánico como de corte, perforación, termoconformado y manual y montaje automatizado. Desde 1993 comenzó a tratar con la externalización en Taiwán más de 9 años.  I + D Director y Gerente de Calidad ( - ) En   la electrónica Printec HT de Dongguan (China) Responsable de I + D y la calidad en el lugar de fabricación en China.  Gerente General (2008-ahora) de KFS y el vicepresidente y Alemania Director de Marketing (2016-ahora) of LUPHITOUCH for membrane keypads, foils, switches, LCDs, Touchscreen, Plastic Molding, PCBA, Integrated Assemblies business. In 2016 joined LUPHI TECH, except for doing his own businesses, he also take the position of Vice-President and Germany Market Director in LUPHITOUCH.