Industrial Control

> Membrane Keypads, Rubber Keypads, Integrated Assemblies for the Industrial Control Application 

Industrial control field includes the production equipment or machines, electrical control modules, Auto-production line control panels, Intelligent control modules etc. For this field application it is much more complex. It requires that the control keypad can be work a long time under harsh environment. LUPHITOUCH suggests that use membrane keypads and rubber keypads as your devices function control keypad. Membrane keypads good chemical capability PET material as the graphic overlay and can seal the circuit packs in it, then it can waterproof and also can withstand high temperature, greasy dirt, dust and others. In addition, the membrane keypad can de designed be tactile and also can be designed backlighting which is very convenient for the night or dim environment using. At the same time the membrane keypad can be assembled with touchscreen, displays to provide users an integrated interface window and friendly using experience. 

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Rubber keypad is another product we suggested in this field. Rubber is soft and high elasticity, which can be molded to any shapes and also can be laser etched for backlighting or LED light indication. The keys on rubber keypad are very high. It can be from under 1mmm to over 10mm. We can mold the blind dots on the rubber keys to enhance the key's identification degreee in the dim and night environment. Although the rubber keypad couldn't be colorful like the membrane keypad, but it still can paint and print different colors on the keypad. After painted clear PU, the prints will have very high abrasive resistance capability. Under the rubber keypad we can use the rigid PCB as the circuit and make carbon pills on the backside of the rubber keypad. In addition, the rubber keypad also can combined with the membrane keypad. The rubber keypad also has the capability of withstand of the water, oil dirty, dust, sand etc. It is also very durable for using.  

Except for supplying the membrane keypads and rubber keypads, LUPHITOUCH also provides the PCBA/FPCA, integrated assemblies for this field. Our services also includes but not limited to: IC07.jpg

A) Membrane keypads, graphic overlays design and manufacturing;

B) Rubber keypads design and manufacturing;

C) 3D drawing designes;

D) Engineering design suggestions and support;

E) Circuit layout and PCB/FPC gerber file design;

F) P+R keypad;

G) Rubber + membrane keypad assembly;

H) Integrated assemblies with plastic, hardwares, cable, displays, touchscreens, PCBAs etc. IC18.jpg

I) Window OCA full lamination;

J) Assembled with back support panels;

K) Riveting bolts and screws;

L) Others;  

Our production facilities meet strict quality standards and are certified to industry certifications including ISO 9001, ISO 13485. 

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