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> LUPHITOUCH's keypads, overlays, rubbers and integrated assemblies used in Measuring Industry: Measuring meters 4.jpg

In worldwide measuring industry, the measuring instruments and measuring meters are widely using the membrane keypads, graphic overlays, rubber keypads. These devices have a button control front panel to control the device function. As we know such kind of measuring meters and instruments are usually used outdoor and maybe usually in a very dark, dirty, drippy environment. And also such kind of devices need be exposed under strong UV sunshine and directly rain. Then an anti-UV, waterproof and easy cleaned operation front panel is necessary for such kind of devices. The membrane keypads or rubber keypads are just such kind of products which can be used on your devices. By membrane keypads the devices can have a very nice appearance and it is also can be easy cleaned. For special application, the membrane keypad also can be waterproof and anti-UV. The embossed buttons with tactile metal domes membrane keypad also can provide the user a very good tactile feeling when they press the buttons. By the way the membrane keypad is very thin and flexible. It can support you design your measuring devices as thin as possible, because of that our membrane keypads will not occupy too much room. The membrane keypad buttons also have very high press life. It can be over 1,000,000 times. It is durable and easy to use. 

For the rubber keypads, the material itself is soft and elastic. Most of measuring devices also use rubber keypads for their operation keypad. The rubber keypad EI17.jpgis waterproof and oil free,and after laser etched the buttons also can be backlighting. On the rubber keypad surface we can make clear matt PU coating to make the printed symbols on the keys be more durable. Compared with membrane keypads, the rubber keypad is more thicker and also couldn't print very nice graphics like the membrane keypads. Because of that on the membrane keypads the printing is on a whole surface of the overlay and for rubber keypad it only can print on the surface of keys. So you can make a selection based on your real needs. Of course there is another solution which can make the rubber and membrane keypad combined together. Then you can get rubber's nice soft touch feeling and also can get the membrane keypad's colorful graphics.

> What kind of services we can supply?

1) Membrane keypads, graphic overlays, rubber keypads design as per your ideas;

2) Proper materials, components, suggestion suggestion from our experienced engineers;

3) Fast prototype manufacturing;

4) On time delivery for the mass production; 

5) Integrated assembies with plastic, hardware, display, PCBA etc.;Measuring meters 9.jpg

6) Graphic overlay + rubber keypad + membrane switch;

7) Anti-UV, waterproof, anti-scratch features keypads;

For other details or you have your own thoughs about the design, please feel free to contact us and discuss the details!

> Applications

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