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  • Silicone rubber keypads (also known as Elastomeric Keypads) are used extensively in both consumer and industrial electronic products as a low cost and reliable

우리의 제품 및 서비스

LUPHITOUCH specialized in design and manufacturing various kinds of membrane keypads, graphic overlays, rubber keypads, PCBAs, LCDs&Touchscreens, integrated assemblies in China.
멤브레인 스위치 / Folientastatur

멤브레인 스위치 / Folientastatur

LGF / EL / LED 백라이트 멤브레인, 용량 Mambrane 스위치, 정전 용량 회로, 의료 터치 센서, PCB / FPC 멤브레인 스위치, 안티 - 박테리아 의료 멤브레인 키패드, 고무 키패드 스위치, 큰 크기의 키패드, 방수 키패드, 그래픽 오버레이 등 스위치
Capacitive Touch/Sliding Membrane Keypad

Capacitive Touch/Sliding Membrane Keypad

LUPHITOUCH developed capacitive touch and sliding controlling membrane switch. Capacitive touch membrane keypad,capacitive sliding controlling membrane keypad......
Enclosure Assembly

Enclosure Assembly

LUPHITOUCH also provides the value-added manufacturing services to customers. Plastic Molding, Hardwares, LCDs, Touchscreens, OCA full lamination, PC LENs harden coating, PCBA, FPCA, integrated assemblies, program burn, test etc.
Silicone Rubber Keypads

Silicone Rubber Keypads

Silicone Rubber Keypad, Silikonschaltmatten, P+R, Laser Etching Backlighting Rubber Keypad, Epoxy Coating Rubber Keypad, Silicone Keyboard

게재 중요한 시장

LUPHITOUCH is an experienced and ISO9001&ISO13485 certified factory for designing and manufacturing of various membrane keypads, overlays, foils, rubbers, PCBA and integrated assemblies in China. We served medical&healthcare, industrial control, instruments&meters, aviation&marine control, automotive&rail transit, telecommunication&networking, machinery, household appliances and consumer electronics etc. markets!

Why choose LUPHITOUCH be your projects provider?

LUPHITOUCH to be the leading manufacturer of the membrane switches, membrane keypads, graphic overlays, rubber keypads and integrated assemblies in China!
  • W01ISO9001 : 2008, ISO13485 : 2012 인증 공장. 사용 키패드, 통합 어셈블리를 설계하고 제조 업체 의료 시장 할 수있는 능력과 권한이 있습니다.
  • W028 년 동안 유럽과 미국 시장 설계 및 멤브레인 키패드, 그래픽 오버레이, 고무 키패드, PCBA, 통합 어셈블리 및 턴키 어셈블리의 다양한 종류의 경험을 제조.
  • W03LUPHITOUCH has our own PCBA factory, can provide the PCB assembly, FPC assembly, PET circuit assembly service
  • W04높은 품질은 오토 타이프 애완 동물, 3M 접착제, Nicomatic 커넥터, 킹 브라이트 / LITEON LED가, 절반은 같은 원료를 수입했다.
  • W05강력한 엔지니어링 설계 지원 및 원료, 다른 구성 요소 선택 제안.
  • W06시간 배달에서 좋은 사전 판매 및 서비스와 최고의 배송 방법 제안 판매 후 물류 비용을 저장합니다.
  • W07고급 생산 장비 및 시험 장비는 우리가 당신을 위해 제조 된 제품의 품질을 보장​​합니다.


LUPHITOUCH is an experienced and ISO9001&ISO13485 certified factory for designing and manufacturing of various membrane keypads, overlays, foils, rubbers,

PCBA과 중국의 통합 어셈블리. 우리는 자동차 및 철도 운송, 항공 및 해양 컨트롤, 의료 및 의료, 산업 제어, 악기 & m 제공

통신 및 네트워킹, 기계, 가전 제품 및 가전 제품 등 시장!

회사 소개

Introduction of LUPHITOUCH

Dongguan LuPhi Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.(short for LUPHI bellow) is established in 2008. It located in Ziliang High-Tech Industrial Park, Huaide, Humen of Dongguan. The factory area is about 3500 square meters. It close neighbors to Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hongkong. To Shenzhen airport is just about 30 minutes and to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport is just about 1 hour. LUPHI is a newly high-tech enterprise for human interface technology and metal, plastic molding, electronics product development, design and assembly.

우리의 주요 사업과 제품은 설계 및 슈퍼 큰 크기의 멤브레인 스위치, 멤브레인 키패드, 그래픽 오버레이, 멤브레인 회로는 LED 백라이트 멤브레인 스위치, EL 백라이트 멤브레인 스위치, LGF 백라이트 멤브레인 스위치와 같은 백라이트 멤브레인 키패드의 다양한 종류의 다양한 종류의 제조를 포함 중간 볼륨 금속 + 플라스틱 + 전자 턴키 프로젝트 어셈블리에 첨단 기술 용량 멤브레인 스위치, 명판, 라벨, PCBA, 프로토 타입. 

At the beginning of establishing of LUPHI, we made the factory planning as per the requirements of our customers from USA and Europe, and the international standard. We invested big money to get many new and high accuracy big size semi-auto silk screen printing machines, high-performance pneumatic punching machines, hot embossing machine, high accuracy laser cutting machine, auto die cutting machine etc. LUPHI always regards the quality as our life. We established our inner testing room. We have many high-grade testing machines and equipments in our testing room, like the life testing instruments, 2D measurement instrument, high-low temperature environment test equipment, friction tester, dropping tester, electrical function testing instruments, ink adhesion tester etc. In addition, we also have the high clean room and anti-static clean booth to ensure the product reliability and stability for those high-accuracy and anti-static required products. By such kind of advanced hardware facilities and our experienced quality management team to ensure that each batch delivery to meet our customers’ high quality requirements.

We organize the various kinds of training to our employees regularly. For example the product knowledge training, operation and assembly training, quality sense training, fire prevention training etc. to ensure our workers have the skillful operation technique to meet our promise of the on time delivery to our customers from all of the world……..

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LUPHITOUCH has an experienced engineering team and good service sales team. You can discuss your projects with our sales and engineers at any time!