Automotive & Rail Transit

> Automotive en Rail Transit Electronics Solution - Membraan Switch, Rubber Keypad, Integrated Assemblies Auto & Rail Transit 1.jpg

Auto industry is definitely one of the fastest developed industry. Automotive industry system is very huge. Accuracy, durability, reliability etc. requirements are the necessary ones and very important in this industry. LUPHITOUCH can meet the high requirements in the Auto industry and can provide the membrane keypad, rubber keypad designing and manufacturing service and integrated assemblies service. For example, the rubber keypad under the auto window controller, touch panel, stations indication panel in rail transit, membrane switch on auto manufacturing machines & equipments, auto dashboard and part of module assembly. 

In tegenwoordig, de auto technologie zeer snel ontwikkeld. De drijvende bedieningspaneel veranderd van de traditionele mechanische knoppen om capacitieve controle plat toetsenbord. In de zware vrachtauto, worden de membraantoetsenborden en rubber keypads ook veel gebruikt.


> LUPHITOUCH's products for Automotive and Rail Transit Industry Application: 

1. membraan toetsenborden;V29.jpg

2. grafische overlays, labels en naamplaten;

3. rubber keypads, rubberen afdichtingen en andere rubber onderdelen;

4. capacitief bedieningspaneel;

5. dash board panel;


7. geïntegreerd samenstellingen met PCBA, toetsenbord, rubber, kunststof / metalen behuizing, vertoning, touchscreen, kabels etc.

> Toepassingen:

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