Opleiding van het personeel

>  Opleiding van het personeel

To ensure the assembled products have high grade quality and also ensure the low production cost and high production efficiency, the workers training becomes very important. The trained workers will have much skillful techniques and can improve the production efficiency and also can ensure the quality of the products. In LUPHITOUCH we do many kinds of tranning for our workers each year.

Onze Training Inclusief:
1) Nieuwe rekruten training (na geslaagd voor de eindtoets, dan kunnen onze formele werknemers geworden);
2) Montage techniek opleiding;
3) Basic Engels opleiding;
4) training Kwaliteit;
5) conditie training;
6) Business vaardigheidstraining;
7) 7S prestaties opleiding;
8) Firetraining;

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