Our Culture

> Business Philosophy 

Hundreds Years of LUPHI, Science and Technology Promote China! 


> Purpose of The Enterprise 

To the user: provide efficient process, communication management wisdom;

To the customer: win-win cooperation Grow up together;

Highly responsible for shareholders: long-term returns;

Training to employees: study The achievement of self;

To society: pay attention to humanistic feedback the public;

Management concept, scientific, marketization and systematized;

Talent concept, internationalization, specialization and branding;

Quality concept, product humanization, standards of globalization;


> The Mission of LUPHI 

For the country to create an internationally competitive excellence enterprises;

To have people to create a world brand development in one hundred;

In order to promote the management quality of user service;

Construct platform for the realization of the value of life for employees. 


> The Core Competitiveness of LUPHI 

As a successful business people as the ultimate goal, in order to win-win benefit mechanism and the methods of learning innovation, integration of effective resources, the ability to achieve strategic goals.


> The Manifestation of LUPHI's Corporate Culture 

(1) Integrity: "honesty first, faith to everything, integrity is the core of the LUPHI's culture.

(2) Gratitude: dripping of grace, yongquan, gratitude is gratitude when you send the attendance principle.

(3) Respect: to establish a mutual respect is frequently refers to the culture, let everyone feel great and noble, feel the life in work.

(4) Two people, three people to the person's word structure is mutual support, the win-win cooperation is the principle of LUPHI.

(5) To share: The greatest wisdom of a person is to share with others, only has the power to share thoughts, no sharing, then there is no the growth of the team.

(6) Innovation: innovation is the integration of the old resources, innovation is the sole of LUPHI's creation, keep up with the times is the key of of the continuous innovation.