PCB Assembly

> Our Circuit Board Assembly Capabilities 


LUPHITOUCH has our PCB assembly factory for SMT/SMD assembly (also including Flexible Printed Circuit assembly and silver printed PET circuit assembly), through-hole and mixed technology PCB assemblies. BGA down to 0.25mm pitch, 0201 component placements and leadless devices assembly can also be available. We also do the integrated assemblies and turnkey assemblies for our customers. From the product design, drawings making, tool making, electronics components sourcing and suggestion, plastic, metal, rubber, membrane keypad, wire harness, LCD, touchscreen etc. sourcing and assembly, final testing, and shipping. Our own PCBA factory is certified by ISO9001 and ISO14001. Our PCBA manufacturing service focus on the prototypes to midvolume production.    

> What kind of circuit board assembly we can do?

For the printed circuit board, except for the conventional rigid PCB and flex copper PCB(also known as FPC), there is another new one, which is silver printed PET foil circuit. We call all of them as printing electronics. When we saying PCBA it usually means assemble electronic components on the rigid circuit board(PCB), and this is also the common ones we usually see in the market. To assemble components on FPC is also usually seen in the market, but except for PCBA and FPCA, there is another assembly, which is PETA. For the PETA, the circuit board is the silver printed circuit foil and we can assemble the LEDs, capacitors, resistors, photoresistor, connector and some other components on it. This usually used for the membrane keypads/membrane switches.

1) Rigid PCB Assembly (PCBA); FPC Assembly.jpg

For the rigid printed circuit board(PCB), the materials are usually are FR-4、High TG FR4、Halogen Free Material, Rogers、Arlon、PTFE、Taconic、Isola, Ceramics, Aluminum, Copper base etc. It is rigid and have very good support feature. Due to it is rigid so it also couldn't be bended for some special application. Also due to its rigid capability, it has best reliability and also easy for the components assembly. The rigid PCB can be single layer and multilayers. 

2) Flex Copper Circuit Board Assembly (FPCA);

The material material for FPC is the copper foil. FPC also has good relaibility. It is flexible and thin, then it can be used many special area. There are different types of FPCs in the market. They are single layer, double layers, single side double access, single side plus single side, multi-layers, COF(clip-on-film) and flex-rigid circuit board. To assemble components on FPC is much difficult than on rigid PCB. So in the market we usually see that only small quantity components assembled on FPC. The components assembled FPC should try to avoid the bad bending, otherwise the soldering can be easily damaged and then cause the product lost function. So this is also decided that usually couldn't assemble too much components on FPC if the application needs bend the circuit board. 

3) Silver Printed PET Foil Circuit Assembly (PETA);

For the silver printed circuit board, the material is usually the Polyester(PET), and in nowadays also can print circuit on a kind of special paper. PET has the following good advantages which caused its application in printing electronics industry fastly:  

       3.1) Optically brilliant, clear appearance;

       3.2) Unequaled mechanical strength and toughness;  Silver Printed PET Circuit Board Assembly.jpg

       3.3) Good flatness and coefficient of friction (COF)

       3.4) Tear-resistant and puncture-resistant characteristics

       3.5) Wide range of thicknesses-as thin as 1 micron up to 350 micron

       3.6) Excellent dimensional stability over a wide range of temperatures 

       3.7) Very good resistance to most common solvents, moisture, oil, and grease 

       3.8) Excellent barrier against a wide range of gases

       3.9) Low cost;

But PET's reliability is not good as FPC. But it still can meet 70-80% markets needs. In the membrane keypads/membrane switches products, the circuit usually is PET and in many other applications the silver printed PET circuits are also windely used. Of course for some special requirement, for example the keypad will be used in a very harsh environment, or the keypads need assemble many LEDs, we still suggest to use FPC circuit. And this is also our current customers' selection.

> Our Circuit Board Assembly Services Including: LUPHITOUCH PCB assembly PCBA6.jpg 

   1) Sourcing PCB and FPC from our ISO9001 certified partners;

   2) LUPHITOUCH Print the Silver PET Circuit by Ourself;

   3) Engineering Design Support(Including Design Gerber Drawings);

   4) Components and materials suggestion;

   5) SMT/PTH Assembly;

   6) AOI Checking;

   7) Function Testing; UQPCBA051.jpg

> Manufacturing Equipments for PCB Assembly  

3 advanced SMT lines, 2 THT lines, silk screen printer, reflow oven, wave soldering, cleaning system, BGA rework station, AOI, cleaning system.

> Lead-free PCB Assembly(RoHS Compliance)

In light of environmental concerns and customer request, we can offer lead-free PCB assembly which complies with RoHS standards.

> Burning Program and In-Circuit Test (ICT) 

We are well sophisticated with decoding and burning program for you. Related test frame will be built to ensure products work effectively according to your requirements.

PCBA 1.jpg PCBA2.jpg PCBA3.jpg PCBA4.jpg PCBA5.jpg

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