Plastic Molding & Hardwares

LUPHITOUCH can provide the plastic molding & injection, In-mold Decoration(IMD), PC LENs harden coating, vacuum plating, vacuum forming, punching various Plastic and Hardwares 8.jpgprecision hardwares, processing extruded aluminum heat sink, designing and manufacturing metal stamping dies, sheetmetals etc. value added services to our customers. 

> Plastic Molding and Treatment Service:

  1) Steel Injection Tool Design and Making;

  2) Products injection molding;

  3) Engineering design support;

  4) In-mold Decoration(IMD);

  5) Optical grade clear PC Lens injection and Harden Coating on surface;

  6) Printing graphics on plastic and PC;

  7) PMMA/PC/Acrylic CNC processing;  Plastic and Hardwares 9.jpg

  8) Vacuum Plating/Vacuum Forming;

  9) PMMA/PC panels assembled with membrane keypads, graphic overlays;

  10) Plastic caps + rubber keypad; 

> Hardwares

  1) AL/Stainless Steel Panel/Plate punching and stamping; Plastic and Hardwares 4.jpg

  2) Processing Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink;

  3) Surface anodizing treatment;

  4) Threaded bolt/screws riveting;

  5) Countersunking Holes;

  6) Plating;

  7) Sheet metal stamping;

  8) CNC Processing; Plastic and Hardwares 6.jpg

  9) Hardwares panel assembled with membrane keypads, graphic overlays;

We also can make the plastic integrated assembled with hardwares or the hardwares embedded into plastic parts.

Plastic and Hardwares 7.jpg Plastic and Hardwares 10.jpg Plastic and Hardwares 3.jpg Plastic and Hardwares 5.jpg Plastic and Hardwares 11.jpg Plastic and Hardwares 12.jpg

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