Value Added Services

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In nowadays, the customer's purchasing needs are diverse and they also not only just focus on one single unit, sometimes they need their suppliers can provide them on-stop solutions or an integrated assemblies to meet their needs. In the past maybe the customer will purchase the components of plastic, rubber, label, keypad, hardware, PCBA etc. for one of their product from different suppliers in the world. By this way they can discuss the cost of each component with their different suppliers, seemingly they saved their purchasing cost, but in fact loss much. In nowadays the market changes very quickly. A fast and quickly active response to the market is very important and in a sense it has become the key factory for one product be on the market. In adition, if the customer discuss the cost and other things for each component with different suppliers, it will cost their much time. The time cost is too high. If their an supplier can make on-stop solution or can supply a big partial assembly of their product, then the customer only need face with several professional suppliers which can save their much time cost and the final purchasing cost. 

LUPHITOUCH is such kind of professional supplier in China with over 8 years of professional expriences in this field. LUPHITOUCH is a membrane keypads, graphic overlays, labels, nameplates, rubber keypads and PCB assembly manufacturer and we also have established long years of very good cooperation relations with the plastic, hardwares, cables manufactuers which close to LUPHI so that we can meet our customer's fast turnkey assemblies, integrated assemblies and one-stop solutions supplying requirements.


> Our value added services including: VAS32.jpg 

    1.Plastic Molding and Hardwares Suplying

   2.LCD/LCM/OLED Suplying

   3.Touchscreen Panels Suplying

   4.PCB/FPC/PET Assemblies

   5.Integrated Assemblies(Turnkey Assemblies)


Enclosure Assembly.png LUPHITOUCH turnkey assemblyLUPHITOUCH integrated assemblyLUPHITOUCH turnkey assembly