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Pros & Cons of Advanced Rubber Keypads in Market in 2021

Pros & Cons of Advanced Rubber Keypads in Market in 2021

Aug 17, 2021

What is a rubber keypad?

Rubber Keypads

The rubber keypad is a versatile technology product for all audiences. The product helps to support simple tasks for office workers and students such as taking notes, simple sketches. More advanced, some types of keypads also have professional drawing functions for architects, painters.

To choose the right keypad for your device, needs and financial ability, here are the steps below. We will introduce you to some of the best keypads available today. It is one of the most common devices among microprocessor applications. Its battery is present in its lock cover. It works faster than standard ones.

Why is rubber keypad common?

The rubber keypad is a commonly common tool for touch-sensitive technology devices on the screen such as phones, tablets, laptops, etc. This type of keypad can replace the operation of fingers on the touch surface. with high accuracy, extremely convenient. Its circuit provides you controllable electric current.

Currently, there are many types of phones and tablets that have integrated a touch keypad to support users in a more convenient way. The keypad has an appearance design that is like regular ink keypads. These are common for portable devices that are electronics based.

Why you should use keypad?

The keypad tip is also very small to help perform tasks such as drawing, editing images, or manipulating tasks more quickly. In today’s 4.0 technology era, it’s not difficult to find rubber keypad. Keypad is different than keyboard. Keypad has keys like keyboard. However, these are placed orderly.

A keypad has 104 buttons in total. To buy a keypad that suits your needs as well as support your work quickly, choosing a keypad is also very important. Keypads are significant for connivence they offer to its user to find yourself a suitable keypad, please continue to refer to the article below.

What types of keypad are there?

Regular ink keypads come in different forms, and so do keypad keypads. Technology is developing day by day, leading to the introduction of modern devices. In response to different configurations and formats, rubber keypads have also been developed in a variety of formats.

Before proceeding to choose to buy a keypad for yourself, you should learn about them well to find the type that best suits your purpose. The technology common in your touchscreen determines which keypad you need. There are 3 types of keypad that are commonly common today, let’s find out the functions as well as the advantages and disadvantages of these 3 types of keypads.

Capacitive keypad


Most of today’s technology devices use capacitive touch screens. Resistive sensors are not common very often by computer users. This computer keyboard works by the detection of capacitance change, when any key is pressed. Though capacitive rubber keypad is like mechanical keyboard; but this rubber keypad is quicker and quicker.

Capacitive keypads work the same way as fingers. When you touch the screen with your finger, the electromagnetic field of the screen changes, and the same goes for using a capacitive keypad. This type of keypad is very easy to manufacture and usually very cheap.

Advantages of keypad:

  • The keypad is compatible with most devices with capacitive touch screens.
  • This keypad does not use batteries to save time and money.
  • Capacitive keypads are cheap, even self-made.

Defects of keypad

  • The keypad has no force sensitivity. Just like when using hands, screen will not distinguish and recognize whether the force exerted on it is large or small. Therubber keypad will produce similar lines without dark or light.
  • Keypad does not have the ability to detect hand impact. When hand touches screen; it won’t recognize input. Keypad don’t have eraser lines

 Keypad with Wacom digitizer

The Wacom digitizer gives the keypad and many more features that some other keypads do not have. (WKT400) is a wireless keyboard. One main feature of its keypad is force sensitivity. Moreover, when Deck padding is present there on the device, the keypad has a different sensitivity.

It is topmost preference of people who look for addition of more comfort to their laptops and computers. This rubber keypad is very suitable for jobs such as technical design, illustrator, sketching. Typical for this type of keypad is the integration of the digitizer layer into the Galaxy Note phone and Samsung’s S Keypad.

Advantages; using Wacom digitizer keypad:

  • Wacom keypads can receive electricity from different strong and mild dynamics expressed at the tip of the keypad. When applying force to the tip of the keypad, the Wacom digitizer layer inside the screen will understand the impact of the keypad tip and recognize the strong and light force.
  • Do not detect the impact from the palm, avoid interference. Suitable for those of you who need to draw on the touch screen.
  • Moreover, therubber keypad is equipped with other additional functions, such as adding an eraser to help erase wrong strokes.
  • Another plus is that the Wacom digitizer layer also recognizes the movement of the keypad on the screen.
  • Furthermore, the keypad does not need to be recharged and can still be common.

Defects using Wacom digitizer keypad:

  • The Wacom digitizer has many strengths. Its flaw that keypad is compatibility with fewer devices.
  • The price of the keypad is quite high.  It is because Wacom digitizer is specialized hardware, the manufacturer will have to keypad extra money to retrofit it. Therefore, the price of the product when going to the market will be many times more expensive
  • The Wacom rubber keypad requires additional application support.

Bluetooth keypad

Hearing the name can also understand that this is a type of keypad that connects to devices via Bluetooth. This type of keypad has the same function as the Keypad. The screen can recognize the position of the keypad impact but will not recognize the pressure like the screen using Wacom’s digitizer. Ina ddition,This rubber keypad is wireless device.

Advantages of Rubber Keypad:

  • The keypad has the ability to detect light pressure like Wacom’s digitizer layer.
  • Capable of rejecting the impact of the palm.
  • The keypad has a shortcut button (like a shortcut on a computer keyboard). This function helps the keypad send a signal via Bluetooth when operating on the keypad.

Defect in keypad:

  • Must be through the connection to be able to use it, not like the 2 keypads above.
  • The application must be programmed. So, it can be common.
  • Similarly, rubber keypad’s is costly.

Review of some of the best keypad today

Keypad Baseus 2 in 1″ keypad

Generally, the keypad tip is easy to rotate 180 degrees with high sensitivity. This feature helps users to operate quickly and accurately and supports many purposes such as sketching, writing notes, playing games, etc. In addition, both keypad tips are replaceable and come with a new keypad tip in the box.
Rubber Keypads 2021

Strength of Keypad Baseus 2 in 1″ keypad

The keypad has a compact, hand-friendly design. It is made of silicon and aluminum alloy for durability.


  • The keypad has both functions of writing on regular paper and writing on the touch screen.
  • High sensitivity, quick action to draw sketches, professional notes.
  • Moreover, high quality materials, providing high durability.
  • This rubber keypadhas low price.

Promax P1. keypad

Keypad Promax P1 is a capacitive keypad with sensitive touch. The keypad tip has a small size of only about 1.5mm with POM conductive material. This material helps us prevent screen scratches and abrasion. The tip of the keypad offers a high degree of accuracy in detail. Suitable for writing letters, drawing graphics or as an electronic signature keypad.

In addition, the keypad also has a Bluetooth connection function to help connect and transfer data quickly and stably. The battery life of this product is long. Included with the keypad is a built-in USB charging cable underneath, made of an insulating plastic, capable of charging flexibly and safely for users.

Strengths of Promax P1. Rubber keypad:

  • The keypad has high sensitivity, precise operation thanks to the small, pointed tip.
  • Long battery life of 15 hours.

Adonit Snap 2. keypad

Adonit Snap 2 is a special keypad for iPhone phones (from iPhone 6 and up). The design of the keypad is quite thin, only 4.3mm. The keypad has a high-quality aluminum and stainless steel with a length of 119.95mm, a diameter of 4.3mm. The small 1.9mm keypad tip is suitable for basic note-taking and sketching.

Adonit keypad is connected via Bluetooth, can be attached to phone magnetically. The Bluetooth function also supports users to take photos via the power button on the rubber keypad. This photography function can help you to record the 3 pictures continuously.

Strength of Adonit Snap 2 .  keypad

  • This is a keypad line made for iPhone phones, but you can still use it on other phones like Samsung or iPad.
  • The keypad has the thinnest design available today and is only about 9.5g light.
  • Can be attached to the phone via magnetic so it is convenient to carry everywhere.
  • In addition to basic writing and drawing functions, the keypad also has the ability to take remote group photos or take selfies.

Adonit Dash 3; keypad

Adonit Dash 3 features a luxurious design that can be worn with a beautiful suit. The rubber keypad is common for most iOS touch screens and most Android devices. The elongated body, made of aluminum alloy and polished stainless steel, gives it a luxurious appearance. Various keypad colors, looks like real keypads.

The tip of the keypad is very small, only 1.9mm and made of cushion with good bounce. Small strokes, high precision thanks to Cushion Tip and Pixel Point technology. At the end of the keypad, there is an Adonit Logo printed to make the keypad more luxurious. The operation of Adonit Dash 3 is very similar to conventional ballpoint keypads.

Strength of Adonit Dash 3 . keypad

  • The small keypad tip helps to manipulate precise technical drawing, take quick notes, and write effectively.
  • High force sensitivity.
  • Just press the button and can be common immediately without connection.
  • Long battery life up to 14 hours but only charge in 45 minutes.
  • Moreover, thisrubber keypad high quality, durable material

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