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How to choose a Best custom keypad manufacturer for a programmer?

How to choose a Best custom keypad manufacturer for a programmer?

Nov 23, 2021

Best custom keypad manufacturer
Of course, the quality of a programmer’s work does not depend on the best custom keypad manufacturer: you can write great code on anything. However, monotonous work at the computer can be one of the causes of tunnel syndrome – chronic stabbing pain in the hands.

We have collected several parameters that will help you choose a comfortable and ergonomic keypad.

Best custom keypad manufacturer Ergonomic or standard

To avoid discomfort during long-term work at the computer, they came up with erg keypads. Unlike standard rectangular keypads, they have a convex shape, wrist rest and height adjuster.

If you choose a standard keypad in the form of a rectangle, you will have to constantly be careful not to pinch your hands and keep your forearms above the table. The special arrangement of the keys allows the hands to be in a natural relaxed position.

Ergonomic Best custom keypad manufacturer options

Microsoft Surface Keypad – The number pad is built into the main Best custom keypad manufacturer.

Matias Ergo Pro – consists of two parts, they can be divided to make it easier to put your hands wider, or you can make a monolithic keypad.

Logitech Ergo K860 is a wireless keypad. The angle between the two halves is about 30 degrees. Due to the wave-like shape, the hands almost never get tired. A bonus is a soft memory foam pillow.

Decide on your Best custom keypad manufacturer size

Look at your desktop: is your keypad taking up a lot of space? It can be either compact or full-size. The compact one is easy to fold and take with you, while the full-size one is more stable and more comfortable for typing large pieces of code.

Examples of compact keypads:

Bastron Glass Touch is a transparent small touch keypad for lovers of futuristic devices.

Membrane or mechanical Best custom keypad manufacturer

Mechanical Best custom keypad manufacturer have an individual switch for each button, and a built-in spring is responsible for the initial position of the button. They differ from the membrane keys in the principle of operation, they last longer, and because the button does not need to be pressed all the way, fingers get tired less.

These devices have a smooth ride and quick response. But there are also disadvantages – they are more expensive and louder than membrane ones.

Membrane keypad device is a layer of three plates

The membrane keypad device is a layer of three plates. Two have conductive paths, and the third is responsible for separating them. Where the buttons are, the dividing plate has cutouts that allow the contacts to touch when pressed.

The silicone backing provides an accurate hit, and its rounded shape returns the button to its original position. Membrane keypads are more common, but they are less durable because the membrane wears out faster.

In addition, the membrane keypad requires more pressing force. These Best custom keypad manufacturers are capable of handling no more than six taps at a time – and if you type very quickly, this will become a problem.

Best custom keypad manufacturer Mechanical

A4Tech Bloody B820R (Red Switches) – with bright backlighting, smooth running, fast response and moisture protection.

Razer Pro Type – has an adjustable tilt angle, white backlight. The backlit keypad will work up to 12 hours, without it – up to 70 hours.

Logitech G G413 – due to the shortened key travel, the buttons are pressed faster, there is an additional USB port.

hat special moment on our blog has arrived again: the day of peripherals reviews and recommendations. Those essentials of every home office! Today we are going to talk about one of the most important peripherals, in my opinion: the computer keypad. The famous keypad.


However, before talking abBest custom keypad manufacturer 2021out models and brands, do you already know if you prefer a mechanical keypad or a membrane keypad? Still don’t know what the difference is? So, come with me and I’ll explain!

Best custom keypad manufacturer Mechanical keypad vs membrane keypad

Membrane keypads are often quite popular with users. This type of Best custom keypad manufacturer contains a silicone membrane, or similar material, that sits between the keys. In fact, the “keys” are not separate parts, as in mechanical keypads, and operate through electrical contacts.

When you press one of the “keys”, several layers come into contact, closing an electrical circuit that is sent to the controller. This, in turn, interprets the signal and communicates the pressed key.

Best custom keypad manufacturer uses smooth touch technology

This technology makes the touch very smooth. There is almost no “return” of keystrokes – because they tend to be less prominent. For those who like smooth and quiet typing, it’s ideal. But beware! Precisely because of this technology, it can be more prone to typos.

Mechanical keypads are not made with membranes, but with springs and switches. Each key corresponds to a spring and a switch, this makes you feel the keys when being pressed. Also, the keys are usually no longer protruding.

Switch technology is the lifeblood of every mechanical keypad

Switch technology is the lifeblood of every mechanical Best custom keypad manufacturer. Each company develops a specific type of switch, which makes different keypads demand different degrees of force when typing/pressing each key.

Since each key is independent, you can feel when each key has been pressed. In addition, the mechanical keypad has audible feedback. Which can be great for some people and bad for your home office mates (lol).

What is my favorite Best custom keypad manufacturer?

But enough about the technical part! Now it’s time to share a little bit of what I found using these different types of keypads. After I bought a mechanical keypad, my typing speed increased a lot! I like that, when typing text or playing games, I can feel it clearly every time I press a key. Which gives me more security when typing.


However, the keypad I have is a blue switch. Which means it’s pretty noisy. I don’t recommend it if you work with more people at home. It looks like a typewriter! If you are looking for a quieter mechanical keypad, I suggest looking for a red switch or a purple switch.

As you may have already noticed, my heart belongs to mechanical Best custom keypad manufacturer! But I must admit that there are some membrane keypads that simulate a mechanical keypad very well.


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