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List of 11 Best Custom Membrane Keyboards for Gamers in 2021

List of 11 Best Custom Membrane Keyboards for Gamers in 2021

Aug 16, 2021

Membrane or mechanic keyboard? Which switch is best for best custom membrane keyboard?

Custom Membrane Keyboards

Choosing a gamer keyboard is not an easy task, especially if you are not aware of all the qualities of a good peripheral. Best custom membrane keyboard has got for you models for all tastes and needs. These membranes keyboards have multiple benefits that would enhance your gaming.

That’s why we’ve put together an article to indicate some of the best purchase options in 2021, from basic to more advanced models. Our list has models aimed at gamers, and membrane and mechanical keyboards, which are the most sought after by this audience.

How best custom membrane keyboards are set apart?

What sets these two models apart are the mechanisms that make the keys work. The membrane ones are based on a long rubber part just below the keys; mechanics use switches. Best custom membrane keyboard is composed of small parts and springs.

Membrane models are cheaper but do not have a good response time and are difficult to maintain. Switches on mechanical models deliver more response time and different tactile sensations and can easily be replaced if they break.

List of best custom membrane keyboard

These models end up being more expensive than membrane ones. See below for the different types of switches:

 1st – Dazz Rapid Fire Revolution

Custom Membrane Keyboards 2021

Best custom membrane keyboard as Rapid-Fire Revolution

A simple and inexpensive membrane model is the Rapid-Fire Revolution. There is classic look and feel in this best custom membrane keyboard. Thanks for “rainbow” style RGB lighting, with each part of peripheral being a different color.

It has an anti-ghosting feature, uses ABNT, 2 layout and has the integrated Ç, in addition to the dedicated numeric keypad. It is model for those who want to spend little.

Characteristics of best custom membrane keyboard

  • Membrane
  • Anti-ghosting
  • RGB lighting
  • Dedicated numeric keypad
  • ABNT2 layout; Ç

2nd – Redragon Karura2; best custom membrane keyboard

Another “cheap” model is Redragon’s Karura2. It has a design with a wrist rest on the bottom. In this best custom membrane keyboard, there is lighting in seven different colors: red, blue, cyan, green, purple, yellow and white. This keyboard is membrane and has the anti-ghosting system in 19 different keys,

It will help the commands of one are not overlapped or blocked when the other is pressed at the same time. The manufacturer highlights its textured surface and multimedia shortcut keys, in addition to the ABNT2 standard with integrated Ç key.

Characteristics of best custom membrane keyboard:

This membrane keyboard also has functions suitable for games and has a dedicated numerical part. Membrane keyboards have specifications and the attributes to this vary among switches.

  • membrane keyboard
  • RGB lighting in 7 different colors
  • Best custom membrane keyboardwith textured surface and wrist rest
  • Multimedia hotkeys
  • Anti-ghosting on 19 keys
  • ABNT2 Layout
  • Has the dedicated numeric

3rd – Motor Speed ​​CK95

One of the cheapest mechanical keyboards on the market is the CK95, from motor speed. It can be found in red, brown, blue or black switch versions, all from Outemu switches. The keys are developed with Double-Injection technology, which guarantees more durability in the recording of the letters in each one, so they don’t erase easily with the wear of time.

All lighting is done in blue LED, and the manufacturer does not inform. In best custom membrane keyboard, it is less possible to change the brightness intensity. The CK95 has an anti-ghosting system, resistance to 50 million clicks and a low response time of just 3 Ms.

4 Strike-Me GK-979



GK-979 switch is cost effective for beginners to get started on their journey.

GK-979is affordable; so if you want to enter keyboard switches “world”. This best custom membrane keyboard features a blue Outemu switch. It features a light tactile feedback and audible click when pressed.

According to manufacturer, it supports up to 50 million clicks.What stands out is its RGB lighting, “rainbow” style, with a few different modes to be selected by the user. This keyboard has an American layout and does not have the dedicated numeric.

5th – Redragon Dark Avenger

When it comes to best custom membrane keyboard one of Redragon’s popular models is the Dark Avenger RGB. As the name implies, it has all its lighting made with RGB LED,

And we can configure via software so that the color and modes are as the user prefers. The company highlights its durability, with ABS plastic construction and reinforced cable.

This is a mechanical keyboard, sold with a blue Outemu Switch, whose characteristics are: audible click, tactile feedback, and medium resistance. It has shortcut keys for multimedia and reduced layout, without the dedicated numeric part.

6th – Redragon Miter K551


Most of Redragon’s low-cost mechanical keyboards don’t have the dedicated numeric keypad, and that’s a problem for those who will use them for work. Moreover, some difference is involved for example: In K551 . In addition to the ABNT2 layout, it has the dedicated numeric part involved here.

Why do you need buying best custom membrane keyboard?

Any gamer will tell you how important a quality gaming keyboard is. It is not just a device that is common to type on a computer, but also a game controller. Using the gaming keyboard, the user can interact with the gaming world.

In the world of computer games, any player who wants to achieve visible success must be able to choose the right device correctly. Let’s take a look at the top gaming keyboards. We are sure that this rating will help any user to make a choice.

 Used switch in Redragon Miter K551

It uses Outemu’s blue switch, with medium resistance, tactile feedback and no audible click. This model features red backlighting, robust construction.

Moreover, in best custom membrane keyboard a splash-proof design is there. It is lighting control is on the “On-The-Fly” system.

Characteristics best custom membrane keyboard:

Following are common characteristics.

  • Blue Outemu Switch
  • Construction with metal part and ABS plastic parts
  • red LED lighting
  • Dedicated numeric keypad
  • ABNT2 Layout

7th – Redragon Kumara

Another “low” cost mechanical keyboard is the Kumara, which Redragon advertises as the best-selling mechanical model in Brazil. It can be found with blue, brown or red switches, and each has a different characteristic.

This best custom membrane keyboard is a compact keyboard as it does not have a dedicated numeric part. The company highlights its durability, anti-ghosting system and multimedia shortcut keys.

Characteristics best custom membrane keyboard:

  • Mechanic keyboard
  • Red, brown, or blue Outemu switches
  • Keys with anti-ghosting system
  • ABNT2 layout without dedicated numeric
  • Adjustable brightness lighting

8th – HyperX Alloy Core

One of the best membrane models on the market is the Alloy Core. It has RGB lighting, which in addition to coloring all the keys, also runs a few lines around the peripheral; there are three brightness levels and six different lighting effects.

The frame of this best custom membrane keyboard is made of reinforced plastic, and the keys have a smooth tactile feel, designed to be silent.  They have anti-ghosting and key rollover functions. Alloy Core has dedicated hotkeys, including some exclusive for multimedia functions. In addition, it has a dedicated numeric keypad and is sold here in Brazil in ABNT2 layout.

Characteristics best custom membrane keyboard:

  • It’s a membrane model
  • Soft touch keys and silent
  • Reinforced plastic frame
  • RGB lighting with three brightness levels
  • It is possible to lock the keyboard
  • ABNT2

9th – Moto speed CK62

Many consumers of best custom membrane keyboard find white keyboards beautiful, especially when they have RGB lighting. The CK62 is there to reinforce this idea, and in addition to drawing attention with its appearance, it is an excellent keyboard. It is mechanical and can be found on two different switches: red or blue,

Another highlight is that it is completely wireless and uses a Bluetooth connection to connect with the computer. The keys have an anti-ghosting system, only 2 MS of response time and a lifetime of 50 million clicks. The CK62 is a very compact keyboard, which is an advantage for some and a problem for others.

10th – Logitech G213

The G2013 is one of the best membrane models on the market. It has RGB Light sync lighting, which can be configured via software and even synchronized with other peripherals. The manufacturer points out that it is four times faster than conventional membrane keyboards, and has keys adjusted to give a performance very similar to mechanical models.

Plus, this best custom membrane keyboard   has a durable, rugged construction, including spill protection for up to 60ml of liquid. The G213 also features a wrist rest, adjustable tilt and dedicated media control buttons.


  • membrane keyboard
  • Keys with performance similar to mechanical keyboards
  • Software configurable RGB lighting
  • Robust, liquid-resistant construction
  • Dedicated Media Shortcuts

11th – HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

If you are addicted to FPS, this keyboard will help you improve your game performance. HyperX offers this keyboard with Cherry switches with three different options are blue, red, brown.

How – HyperX Alloy FPS Pro is complex model

You can choose the model that suits you best. This best custom membrane keyboard ends up being a very compact model. Its drawback is; having American layout. The manufacturer highlights its steel construction and 100% anti-ghosting keyboard. In addition to being compact, its handle is detachable.

So, it’s easy to transport it elsewhere. This keyboard has LED backlighting (red only) and USB ports that the user can use to charge different devices without having to plug them into the computer

Characteristics best custom membrane keyboard:

  • Good for FPS players
  • Blue, Brown and Blue Cherry Switches
  • Tough construction and compact form
  • Anti-ghosting system
  • LED backlight
  • USB port for charging devices
  • Detachable cable


We always seek best product for us. The technology of latest membrane keyboard is emerging. It won’t be a wise decision to use older keyboards. Now, you can get excellent keyboards. These devices perform very well for years.


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