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How Bulk Circuit Board Assembly is complex to use? Tips for Efficient Assembly

How Bulk Circuit Board Assembly is complex to use? Tips for Efficient Assembly

Aug 16, 2021

Bulk Circuit Board Assembly
Bulk Circuit Board Assembly
 comes in every electronic component. This is proven the moment a device has an open housing. Inside, there are a series of wires connected to small holes that are located on an electronic board. In the past, before the construction of transistors. vacuum valves were used.

For the internal interconnection of all electronic components, however, with the appearance of the printed circuit in the first half of the 20th century, there was a real revolution in the construction of structures, which will from the assembly of parts, to the size of electronic devices, which have undergone a great reduction in size, without ceasing to be functional.

Company Selection and bulk Circuit Board Assembly

Choosing a company that can meet all the requirements for assembling electronic boards with guaranteed quality standards. And agreed delivery deadlines needs to be linked to the supplier’s experiences and market history.

The longer your life and experience in the field, the more baggage you can offer your customers. As a result, we can propose a series of combinations, in addition to these issues mentioned above, which may mitigate the analysis in decision-making for the choice and assertiveness of a solid partnership.

Component List of circuit board


Evaluate the quality of your BOM (Bill of Materials) to achieve a good result in the assembly of electronic boards. In   bulk Circuit Board Assembly bill of materials needs to contemplate a series of requirements. So that at the time of purchase, the item specification is in accordance with the product’s development.

In this case, the definition of the part number is a prerequisite for adaptation to the supplier market. In this case, the more extensive the number of manufacturers, the more options for supplies and prices will be obtained. It is of great significance.

Gerber and PCB Layout on purchasing and electronic boards

The printed circuit board manufacturers maintain as a standard, the need for the file to be in the Gerber reading format, so that their industrial equipment can interpret and manufacture. Under bulk Circuit board Assembly; PCBs in quality and repeatability standards, adequate to the criticality of the board.

Economic impacts of bulk Circuit Board Assembly


The electronic board assembly process can be more economical for your company. Because it can be quite expensive if it uses printed circuit boards of any kind. And choosing components that are not of good quality is also a risk for any project.

Doing this just to save money is not the best choice. When talking about bulk Circuit Board Assembly

how to reduce costs without compromising the quality of assembly of electronic boards? is main concern also.  There are some effective tips to help with this process. If you want to know what they are, keep reading this text!

Tips on how to save on mounting electronic boards

Reducing the costs of assembling electronic boards is a way to contribute to the company’s finances. And for that, some measures make a difference. See below for the tips that we have separated for you! Relate well with suppliers.  Establishing a strong, ongoing relationship with your suppliers makes the electronic board assembly process more cost-effective.

Bulk Circuit Board Assembly is more efficient than running after several different suppliers. When developing this partnership with the parts supplier there are often more opportunities to negotiate discounts for payments. In addition to other benefits that reduce process costs. Consistent efforts have been on going in this productive cause.

Bet on practical layout on board assembly

Intelligently define the design and planning for the assembly of PCBs. Thus, production costs are reduced because fewer parts and components are used. And naturally, there is also a reduction in the cost of assembling parts. And in the long run, it will be a huge savings for the company!

repair before replacing; When something goes wrong with one of your boards, troubleshooting and fixing it before considering a replacement. In bulk Circuit Board Assembly, there can be a great way to save money. Because in many cases this option is much more affordable.

Circuit Board Assembly companies have close partners in foreign suppliers

Many companies choose foreign suppliers due to the lower purchase price. But this is not always the best alternative. There are cases where suppliers use counterfeit parts that do not meet national industry standards. This may be the famous “cheap that costs expensive”.

Hire a third party; hiring a third-party company to assemble electronic boards seems to be a more expensive option. But it has advantages because the company will have a team of specialists. In this regard bulk Circuit Board Assembly plays important role. Entrepreneur does not have to worry about paying salaries or buying components. This will give your business a big advantage.

Use components with SMD technology

SMD is an acronym for “Surface Mount Device”. It refers to components being soldered on electronic board. Using SMD components saves time and material in their packaging. And this technology allows for the creation of smaller components, making the price for mounting electronic boards much more affordable. With, these measures, you will save money with the assembly of electronic boards.

Without losing the quality of your product for your end users. Did you like our post saving on the assembly of electronic boards? Keep following Golden Places in best ways.

Bulk Circuit Board Assembly and solderless electronic board outlook

The assembly of solderless electronic boards is the most innovative currently in the segment. The transition process to the use of lead-free (lead-free) alloys is the first significant step towards electronic interconnections that do not require any type of strong material, however little harmful.

The possibility of mounting solderless electronic boards has attracted the eye of electronics developers, particularly those in the military, aerospace, medical, automotive, and portable electronics sectors. The reason? All these sectors need the electronics component to work with maximum precision.

Welding as critical part of board assembly.

Thus, as we well know, welding is one of the critical points in bulk Circuit Board Assembly. Therefore, even when done well, it needs attention, as it can compromise the entire operation of the equipment in the future.

When to opt for the assembly of solderless electronic boards?

If it’s within your reach, opting for solderless mounting is always a good option. However, it is indicated to choose, mainly, when the final product requires maximum precision. Imagine that an electronic equipment stops working just at the time of surgery in bulk Circuit Board Assembly.

For example. This fact under our consideration; can be fatal for the patient. Furthermore, an airplane that crashes in mid-flight can cause a great tragedy. In products with high added value and extreme precision, the assembly without welding is always recommended.

Therefore, even if the final value is a little higher. There is more addition to this. This is how it goes; it will end up being worth it precisely because it avoids the risk of losing high-value components.

Electronic board factories working on technologies on Circuit Board.

It is noteworthy that many electronic board factories have specific technology to perform this type of service. Therefore, do some research before choosing a partner and consider the method most used by her. The most common aspects in bulk Circuit Board Assembly mentioned ahead.

Press fit Technology that uses the logic of pins adjusted according to pressure. Conductive Adhesive is Technique used when the main component of the board is sensitive to heat. Understanding how the electronic board assembly line works is the first step before placing your order with a company.

An outlook on electronic board

Some questions are of paramount importance to guarantee the quality of electronic boards. The, truth is that value does not always mean quality and all the attention is little so that you don’t have a series of headaches.

Technology used in Board Assembly

The best process for the assembly line of electronic boards is done using, above all, the SMT and THT technologies. Both technologies are of first quality and guarantee a good final result for the customer. The SMT technology, when used, has its process made by automated machines of the Printer type.

These machines in bulk Circuit Board Assembly have high capacity so that the correct assembly with solder paste carry out. It also has software that helps throughout the assembly line of electronic boards, developing, controlling, and testing the entire process. It is what holds great significance on industrial and commercial grounds and more.

Maintenance and technical support on Assembly line

In addition to development, this team is responsible for the maintenance and technical support of all components within the assembly line. In addition, it performs a critical and rigorous analysis capable of driving future processes related to both quality and productivity.

So that you can understand it better, the technical support of the electronic board assembly line is done specially by the company’s engineering team. This team plays an essential role in ensuring that all bulk Circuit Board Assembly tasks and processes are followed to standards.

Why opt for this type of assembly?

As mentioned above, the process of assembling electronic boards without soldering guarantees maximum precision. But there are other important reasons for choosing this process and they are related to the preservation of the environment. Current technologies, in general, try to replace soldering. But we must go much further, rethinking the process.
Bulk Circuit Board Assembly 2021

Lead free and solderless assembly is part of these new technologies. However, in bulk Circuit Board Assembly taking care of the waste generated in the process is the responsibility of the industry.

Occasm process in the electronic assembly.

The process called Occam is already under study and is considering the creation of a reverse electronic assembly. That is, it starts with the placement of the components and, finally, with the creation of the interconnections. Exposure of components to elevated temperatures does not happen in this approach of bulk Circuit Board Assembly.

It eliminates moisture sensitivity (MSL) concerns. Solution and advantage for the field. Finally, by choosing to partner with a specialized electronic boards factory, like us, you guarantee a quality product and are free from any worries.


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