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4 important design considerations for rubber keypad switches in 2020

4 important design considerations for rubber keypad switches in 2020

Dec 15, 2020

What are the advantages of rubber to use in keypads?

rubber keypad switches

Today we are rapidly making use of the rubber products. They are not only serving us in our residential needs but also helpful in industrial and commercial areas. In fact, most of our house holds products have made of rubber. The rubber keypad switches also have manufactured by using good quality rubber. Hence, they can ideally fit to all particular applications.

Basically, they have ability to provide you great comfort while using. Because they are extremely user friendly and have perfect tactile sensation. Moreover, they are flawless and provide an excellent alternative to old and traditional switches.

Furthermore, they are highly durable and comes in one as well as multi-colored printing shades. You can select them according to your needs and preferences. Actually, they are very cost efficient in comparison to other conventional keypads.

Let’s have a deep look on different styles of rubber keypad switches and their important design considerations. Moreover, you can also check out of its important pros and cons. Get ready to dive!

What is rubber?

Nowadays you can easily see the fantastic uses of rubber and its highly beneficial products. In fact, rubber products have taken over our lives in such a way that we cannot imagine life without them.

Basically, rubber is a natural product which we can extract from rubber trees. The continent of Asia is actually the major source of getting the rubber. Because 90% of the world’s rubber actually comes from Asia.

But we can’t use the raw material in creating our rubber products. First of all, the natural rubber has purified to get the synthetic rubber. Then plastic manufacturers use this synthetic rubber to create different products for our daily use.

How rubber products are helpful in daily life?

Indeed, rubber products are extremely helpful in our daily uses whether they belong to kitchen or office. As rubber is waterproof, flexible and can easily be stretched. So, its products are ideal to use in all industrial, commercial and household applications.

Its greatest and most advantageous uses belong to tubes and tires industry. However, its other most important uses are,

  • Medical gloves
  • Belts
  • Matting
  • Hoses
  • Flooring and many more.

Furthermore, rubber is so effective and useful that we are increasingly using them in almost thousands of applications and products. Consequently, one of its highly advantageous products is rubber keypad switch. So, come with us to deeply know about these keypad switches.

What is the rubber keypad switches?

In this entirely modern world, keypad switches made by rubber are getting most popularity since last few years. They have actually become the best choice of almost all industries, Such as,

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Aerospace
  • Retail and so on.

The only reason behind this is, they are soft, tactile and easy to use and handle. Furthermore, these keypads switches have ability to offer a surface of 3-dimensional operating which beautifully attracts their users. These keypad switches provide you comfort and best support to use. Additionally, these rubber keypad switches develop some luxurious feelings in you during usage.

How many styles of rubber keypad switches are?


Basically, keypad switches designers have designed them in two basic styles. For example,

  • Conductive rubber keypad
  • Non-conductive rubber keypad.
Conductive rubber keypad:

Actually, conductive rubber keypads consist of a semi-conductive puck or pill. This semi-conductive pill has pre-molded combine with a mixture of silicone rubber and carbon particles. This mixture generally consists of enough carbon particles. Hence, the surface can hold all the particles in the mixture together.

Non-conductive rubber keypad:

These rubber keypads actually have the same appearances like conductive rubber keypads. On the other hand, it has several kinds of differences in the whole construction. This style of rubber keypads works in the form of mechanical actuator which pushes against a switch mechanism just like a dome switch of a metal snap.

Which technology is behind the rubber keypad switches?

The rubber keypad switches have made used to perform the “switching function”. Moreover this “switching function” works via an underlying PCB board or some other circuit carrier indirectly or directly.

In addition, you can also combine these switches with several other products to perform many different kinds of function. For example,

  • LGF
  • LED
  • Metal domes
  • Circuits, etc.

What are 4 important design considerations for rubber keypad switches?

We are describing 4 most important design considerations for perfectly designing these keypad switches. Moreover, by following these essential design considerations manufacturers can certainly design some masterpieces.

rubber keypad switches manufacturers

These are:

  1. Flow Molding
  2. Tactile Response
  3. Laser Etching
  4. Snap Ratio.

Flow Molding:

Basically, with the help of this process, you can introduce custom colors in the compression process. Hence, you can mold these colors into the real rubber keypad switches. On the top of these rubber keypad switches, you can achieve more customization with the help of screen-printing custom graphics.

Tactile Response:

You can easily get tactile response with the help of many helpful factors. For example, by changing the durometer of the silicone rubber and the web geometry. Moreover, you can also get tactile response with different shapes and sizes of switches according to your needs and demands.

Laser Etching:

The main process in which you remove the top coat layer of these multicolored keypad in order to reveal layer of lighter colored. In this way, the light in back only shines by those areas which have etched away.

Furthermore, in this process of combining laser etching with fiber optic, you can get unlimited colors which you like.

Snap Ratio:

If you alter the snap ratio of these rubber keypad switches, it will also help you to give tactile feedback. Mostly keypad manufacturers recommend the snap ratios between 40% to 60%. It helps to expand the life of keypad as well as tactile feeling.

But if you use the snap ratio below 40%, it will diminish the tactile feel. Moreover, this ratio is helpful to enhance the life span of the switches.

Pros and cons of using rubber keypad switches

Pros Cons
These switches have great durability


These switches do not have a very long library life
You can get unprinted, one or several colors according to your likes and needs They have limited shelf life after their opening
These keypads have countless designs and shapes


These are expensive for bulk productions
They are highly erosion resistant


They are easy to use and provide greatest tactile feelings



In the above helpful guide, we have truly tried to explain you about the beneficial uses of rubber products, like rubber keypad switches. Modern manufacturers are rapidly using these switches in consumer as well as in commercial applications. They are very user friendly so people prefer them to use.

Furthermore, these keypad switches are moisture resistant and have long life span. These switches are cost effective and greatly reliable. They are slim design so getting extreme popularity in this modern age. In fact, they are best, durable and soft to use due to rubber.

Because rubber is very easy to handle and its products are also extremely beneficial, long-lasting and safe.


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