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2022 Best K55 Wired Gaming Membrane Keyboard

2022 Best K55 Wired Gaming Membrane Keyboard

Jan 01, 2022

K55 wired gaming membrane keyboard is one of the essential equipment for gamers, as it provides a more realistic press feeling and more accurate feedback. If you are still wondering which membrane keyboard to buy for yourself, immediately refer to the Top 7 best membrane gaming keyboards.

Membrane keyboards use physical switches under each key instead of membranes or rubber pads. The switches will give you a pleasant “clicky” feeling when pressing the keys. In addition, the membrane keyboard also responds more accurately, making gaming and typing faster.

The switch has many different variations such as blue, red, brown, etc. The difference lies in pressing force, noise, pressing feeling and key travel.

SteelSeries Apex Pro – The Best Overview

Apex Pro is a 108-key full-size membrane k55 wired gaming membrane keyboard. This keyboard is suitable for gamers, but it can also be versatile for other purposes like typing. With the exclusive Omni Point switch, you can adjust the key travel to make the keys respond faster or slower, depending on your preference.

Apex Pro is equipped with some very notable extras. All keys are macro-programmable, and there are dedicated multimedia keys, making it easy to play music while you’re gaming. It even has an OLED screen on the top right so you can display what you want, from images to GIFs.

The outer shell is designed in aluminum and features a wrist rest for a more comfortable typing experience.

K55 Wired Gaming Membrane Keyboard

Corsair K95 Platinum XT – Best k55 wired gaming membrane keyboard

When it comes to membrane keyboards, few high-end models can match Corsair in terms of features. The K95 Platinum XT is equipped with an RGB backlight that is programmable in multiple ways. Edge lights may reflect the game’s cadence.

Along with that are dedicated macro, volume and media controls. Aluminum frame and PBT locking pins provide excellent longevity. The actual key experience is also great when you choose to buy the newest and most special version of the MX Speed ​​Cherry switch today.

Corsair K95 Platinum XT – Best k55 wired gaming membrane keyboard

However, the K95 Platinum XT is quite expensive. But if you invest, you will get back a perfect membrane keyboard and nothing can replace it. Alternatively, you can refer to the Corsair K70 MK 2, which doesn’t have a dedicated macro and border lights, but the price is much better.

Fnatic Streak 65

Fnatic Streak 65 is one of the most outstanding keyboards today because of its compactness. The k55 wired gaming membrane keyboard provides all the functions you need for gaming.

With a compact, convenient design, you will have more space for your mouse. Streak 65 uses a silent switch and Fnatic’s own configuration, for a super-fast keystroke and easier double-pressing experience. The large keys are supported with an additional stabilizer to make them quieter. In general, the typing experience for Streak 65 is completely convincing.

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro – The Best Wireless

All 3 options above are wired keyboards; now let’s try to see the best wireless membrane k55 wired gaming membrane keyboard today? That is the Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro.

The BlackWidow V3 Pro is built with the full-size model in mind, mostly made of plastic, but with an aluminum exterior, which provides great durability. It’s fully RGB backlit with individually illuminated keys, great for playing in a dark room.

You can connect the keyboard to your computer using Bluetooth or a USB receiver. The V3 can connect to me up to three devices, easily redeemed with a switch on the left. In terms of typing quality, the k55 wired gaming membrane keyboard supports very well and does not cause fatigue after a long time of use.

If you use the Razer Green Switch, it feels very light and responsive, but the noisy sound can affect those around.

K55 Wired Gaming Membrane Keyboard 2022

Logitech G413 – The most suitable price k55 wired gaming membrane keyboard

In terms of the value of the membrane keyboard compared to the money you spend, there is no name that beats the Logitech G413. G413 costs less than 2 million VND, but what you get is not trivial.

The G413 has a simple, unbending layout, fitted with an aluminum plate over its plastic frame. The keyboard feels comfortable to use even though it doesn’t have a wrist rest included.

This product line uses the exclusive Romer-G Tacile switch with short key travel, and the overall typing feeling is very good. Each key is individually illuminated with a red backlight. You can easily change the brightness and effects through Logitech G HUB software. The k55 wired gaming membrane keyboard also has a USB port to make connecting peripherals easier.

Razer k55 wired gaming membrane keyboard

Razer’s gaming keyboard models all have one feature: beautiful, heavy, and very expensive. Razer’s gaming keyboard is not for those on the hunt for cheap gaming keyboards. However, this is a common feature of nearly all Razer products, so it is hard to complain about them.

Instead of following the universal design of a regular keyboard, Razer often brings improvements as well as style and new technology into its keyboard designs, making the product always unique and attractive to players.

Long-time gamers agree that their keyboard gives a very good feeling when playing games, especially when it comes with LED color sync modes.

Razer k55 wired gaming membrane keyboard

Razer gaming keyboards have always had a mesmerizing appearance packed with unique features.

However, due to being too optimized for gaming, Razer has accidentally created a minus point in their membrane keyboard models that many users reflect. First, the use of a self-made switch, which is optimal for gaming but affects typing for a long time (some feel that the button or press is not as sensitive as when playing games).

In addition, the use of metal material as the keyboard body, although it gives certain rigidity, sometimes causes the player to receive a slight electric shock.

All in all, k55 wired gaming membrane keyboard is still worth the money. You only buy it for gaming purposes. And if you need to find a versatile keyboard that can both type and entertain, you should consider.


Above are the 5 lines of k55 wired gaming membrane keyboard that appreciates the most in each selection criterion. If you have a limited wallet, choose the Logitech G413. Conversely, when you want your rig to be truly flashy and high-end, nothing beats the Corsair K95 Platinum XT. Choose wisely!


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