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How to test mechanical keyboard with capacitive switch tester?

How to test mechanical keyboard with capacitive switch tester?

Jun 30, 2021

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Do you know the difference between a mechanical keyboard and a membrane keyboard? The former is becoming more and more popular. Even among users who don’t play on the computer, for some advantages over the traditional ones. However, better-quality membranes ones may still satisfy some user profiles.  Furthermore, you can use a capacitive switch tester to properly check fault if any.

In this comparison, you will learn the differences between a mechanical keyboard and a membrane keyboard, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Check out the difference!

The membrane keyboard:

The membrane keyboards are the most common. The activation of the keys is done through a three-layer membrane, made of silicone and rubber. It locates between the circuit board and the keys, responsible for sending the user’s commands.

When you press a key, you put pressure on the layers, which touch each other and close the circuit, sending the command to the board and the latter to the computer.

But if a key is not able to properly put pressure, you can test it by using a capacitive switch tester. It will greatly help you to solve your problem.

The amazing benefits:

The advantage of the membrane keyboard format is obviously the price: a good, reasonably well-constructed membrane keyboard can cost less than $100, excluding the basic ones for common users; such accessories meet the needs of most consumers and other less demanding profiles.

2. The mechanical keyboard

The mechanical keyboards are preferred by the PC gaming community and are also much sought after by other users, profiles, as writers. They are more durable and much less error-prone. Thanks to the individual activation of each of the keys.

But if there is any fault, a PC gamer can use a capacitive switch tester to sort out the issue. It is actually very user-friendly. This is because each key has a switch, a mechanism that controls touch and contact with the circuit board via a spring.

Capacitive switch tester Gives Multiple choices

There is more than one type of switch, which varies according to the resistance that the spring offers on the click. Some are softer, while others are harder. Moreover, there are also silent switches, while others make a clicking noise.

There are a number of switch manufacturers, among which the Cherry became a reference in the category. The Cherry MX line has different models, separated by colors, between more and less resistant, silent or noisy.

However, by using a capacitive switch tester, users can fight all issues without any problem and there is no need to replace them.

Some manufacturers, however, such as Razer, use proprietary switches.


Among the disadvantages are the difficulty in choosing which type of switch is the most suitable and the price: a high-end mechanical keyboard can cost more than $1,00.

Which is better: mechanical or membrane keyboard?

It depends on the use case. For the average user, who doesn’t type a lot or doesn’t play games on the PC, a mechanical keyboard can be a waste of money, and even the simplest membrane models can meet their basic needs.

Moreover, they are easy to repair by using a proper capacitive switch tester. In the end, it’s up to the user to decide what they want from a keyboard and how much they’re willing to pay for it.

In the end, it’s up to the user to decide what they want from a keyboard and how much they’re willing to pay for it.

What are different capacitive switch tester types?


These “switches” that make the difference on the mechanical keyboard can be classified into several different categories. These classes, let’s say, take color-based nomenclatures and bring their own characteristics. It can operate power, travel distance. It is, the “depth” of the keys, color options, and even differentiated durability.


Blue, for example, stands out for its sensitivity, allowing the player. For example, to get a quick response even without pressing the key as a whole. It is even the technology used by 2 AM in their mechanical keyboards!

Further, it is also the first choice for gamers, as they can test all its damages by properly using a capacitive switch tester.

Ideal for its Comfort: capacitive switch tester

When we talk about comfort when using the computer, everyone thinks about which gamer chair they should buy. Some even remember that ergonomics teacher talking about the importance of adjusting the table height on that morning program.

These things are important, of course, but be aware that keyboard comfort is also something to consider. You’re a more hardcore gamer or someone who types a lot at work.

In addition, the tactile response, as said above, is essential for you to be more productive. That’s because we instinctively need something to tell us if what we’re trying to do is actually happening!


And that’s a key point in the difference between conventional and mechanical keyboards.

Basically, they are highly preferable as they are easy to repair using a capacitive switch tester.

The response by a mechanical keyboard

Finally, the response on a mechanical keyboard is not just tactile but also auditory. Several online reports show that the clicks obtained through the gadget are “satisfactory” to the user’s ears and help in performance when using it.

But be aware: some keyboards of this type already have silent “switches”, so this sound response may not happen.

More customization

Finally, this is perhaps the part that most hardcore PC gamers like the most: the customization that is allowed by this type of device. If you don’t already know, most mechanical keyboards have RGB lighting systems. Using a capacitive switch tester during the development of an application is essential to ensure its proper functioning. That’s because these tests help detect errors in programs before they reach customers or the market.

The capacitive switch tester methodology avoids inconveniences for both the developer company and the customers. Some are:

  • Delays in deliveries;
  • Excessive maintenance;
  • Deployment issues;
  • Program errors;
  • Performance issues;
  • Frequent need for maintenance;
  • Shutdown of procedures that depend on the new system.

A well-structured software testing methodology verifies that features operate as expected during development.

Testing is often performed when developers use agile methodologies in their daily practices. They allow tasks to be done in stages, which makes it easier to test at the end of each stage.

Key points to note in capacitive switch tester methodology

It is common for software testing to be automated. This optimizes the developers’ time, as this activity often needs to be repeated until the application no longer presents errors.

In the test steps, there are some main requirements that need to be observed for the good performance of the product:

  • Functionality;
  • Reliability;
  • Usability;
  • Efficiency;
  • Maintainability;

Observing these items is what guarantees the quality of delivery and customer satisfaction with your product.

5 types of capacitive switch tester methodology

To achieve the goal of developing an efficient system, some testing techniques can be applied. They can vary in the purpose of the assessment, as some focus on internal requirements and others on external requirements.

What all types of capacitive switch tester methodology have in common is to offer security and productivity in using the system. These characteristics should continue even if the system experiences extreme situations such as high data traffic or user overload.

capacitive switch tester 2021

  1. White Box

The White Box methodology is a structural test that submits the program’s source code for analysis. This method analyzes data flow, system components, and security to assess components as well.

2. Black Box: capacitive switch tester

The Black Box technique is a functional test that evaluates the functionalities and their operation. This capacitive switch tester methodology is called a black box for not having contact with the source code. Contact is made only with the responses that the system gives to certain actions.

  1. Gray Box

This type of test combines the White Box and Black Box techniques. Therefore, the structure of the source code and the system’s functionalities submit to evaluations.

Gray Box is also called reverse engineering as it is good to understand what caused errors and failures in the system. This allows them to be resolved later.

We use techniques and tools consolidated by the market to drive companies from different business segments:

  • Finances;
  • Health;
  • Aviation;
  • Artificial intelligence.

We specialize in conducting software development processes in their entirety. For us, this is essential for the good performance of your system!


All and all, a capacitive switch tester is an ideal solution to fight several hassles that users can face while using a keyboard. This type of tool usually has different types of dynamic settings and amazing effects.

You can combine a constant light on your keyboard to look just like the one on your case or mouse, for example.


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