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5 Incredibly Useful Laser Engraved Silicone Button Keypad Tips

5 Incredibly Useful Laser Engraved Silicone Button Keypad Tips

Jan 31, 2022

Flexible membrane keyboards

The laser engraved silicone button keypad is a multilayer flexible product. The keyboard is an integral part of the device on which it installs. It is an ideal solution for electronics uses in various fields:

  • equipment for medicine;
  • control and management systems in industry;
  • computer office equipment;
  • military industry;
  • various household appliances;

Membrane keyboards are custom-made according to the technical and ergonomic needs of each customer.

Benefits of a laser engraved silicone button keypad

  • minimum height;
  • reliability, resistance to external influences;
  • various keyboard shape;
  • low price;

The upper front part is a decorative panel, on which a graphic image of the background, keys, various symbols and windows apply, treat with an anti-reflective varnish.

The image applies from the inside of the film, which ensures its reliable protection from damage. Also, tinting compositions for the corresponding indicator displays apply to the windows.

Laser Engraved Silicone Button Keypad

A layer with a silver-based conductive paint

In this paragraph, we’ll discuss about the front part there is a layer with conductive pads or metal membranes (such a keyboard is often called laser engraved silicone button keypad). Next comes a layer with an electrical circuit applied with silver-based conductive paint. The loop is an integral part of the electrical circuit layer.

The last bottom layer comes with a self-adhesive film, selected taking into account the properties of the mating surface.

Films for membrane keyboards have a surface resistant to mechanical stress, deformation, high and low temperatures, water and other substances (detergents, lubricants, alcohol mixtures, solvents and oils).


Film thickness Texture Execution
selected at the request of the customer,

125, 150, 175, 200, 250, 275 microns and more,

150 microns is the most popular thickness, rarely 200 microns.




imitating the look of metal.



resistant to UV radiation.

Laser engraved silicone button keypad with built-in backlight

Firstly, various SMD elements install in flexible self-adhesive keyboards, in particular, LEDs for indicating individual windows or backlighting keys. Practically any button, area or inscription can evenly illuminate by the built-in LEDs. An increase in thickness from 0.4 mm, i.e. with uniform LED backlighting, the keyboard can be as thin as 1mm.

Secondly, as part of the keyboard, it is possible to use one, two or more layers with conductive tracks. Two layers for construction are there with conductive pads, one – with metal membranes. Thirdly, it is also possible to apply conductive pads to the inner side of the front layer.

The keys can be flat – pseudo-touch

However, there is no molding and the button works from a laser engraved silicone button keypad light touch like a touch button. Molded buttons improve the instrument’s ergonomics as they it is easy to search for the necessary key tactilely with your finger blindly. To increase the tactile effect, metal membranes use. When using them, a characteristic click appears.

Number membrane keypads and full-color membrane keypads

A fairly difficult task in the production of film keypads is the implementation of end-to-end numbering or, if we expand the task, the production of numbered film keypads with the application of any variable information.

The reason for the difficulty is the basic printing method – silk screen printing, i.e. technology of drawing on one template of each color. Our experience and technical capabilities allow us to apply variable information to number laser engraved silicone button keypad in several ways, with virtually no restrictions on complexity and color.


Compartments for interchangeable inscriptions on silicone button

On the keyboard, you can place compartments for interchangeable inscriptions (pockets), for the possibility of changing the description of the controls and indications.

Most importantly, the cable through which the device connects is a continuation of the layer with conductive elements. The cable pitch is usually 2.54 mm. In the output area of ​​the loop, the conductors cover with a dielectric. It prevents the oxidation of silver.

Reliable connectors are recommended

The open area of ​​the cable connects to the ZIF connector of laser engraved silicone button keypad, cover with graphite paste at the end. Moreover, in the presence of high vibration loads, other, more reliable connectors recommend. The cable itself must not bend with a radius of less than 3 mm.

Making a membrane keyboard on a printed circuit board

Foiled fiberglass with a thickness of 0.5 mm is uses.

When using a printed circuit board, the membrane keyboard can replace the front panel of the device, ensuring the sealing of the device from the front.

Above all, it is possible to place various elements, such as switches, regulators, indicators, etc. When using the laser engraved silicone button keypad + film layers. After that, it is possible to shield the device both from external influences and from the device’s own radiation.

The accuracy depends on objective reasons and factors:

  • Paints as part of the keyboard apply to the reverse side of transparent films of different thicknesses and textures;
  • Colored paints in the composition of the keyboard often overlap each other, and in order to obtain an ideal repetition of the pantone formula, overlapping is allowed only in white;
  • There is a color difference between the pantone catalogs (up to 8 δe units), it depends on the method of printing the catalog, the manufacturer, the date of issue;
  • Pantone catalogs fade over time, wear out, overwrite (the manufacturer recommends changing them once a year).

It is not recommended to place laser engraved silicone button keypad from different release batches on one device. It is ideal to place them in production as a set, informing the manufacturer that they should be printed in a single run.

The cost of engraved silicone button keypad

We are always looking for ways to reduce the cost for you both through technology and materials. We have been keeping prices at the same level for 5 years due to growing production volumes.

Everything in one company:

Experts in production, we will help you make the right choice for solving your problems.

The main factors when choosing a laser engraved silicone button keypad:

  • chemical composition
  • thickness
  • surface texture
  • price
  • stamina
  • formability

The range of films today allows you to choose the material for any task. Therefore, if there are no special requirements for the material, then you should know that most instrument panels
Laser Engraved Silicone Button Keypad 2022

PET films with different properties and surfaces

For the production of film keyboards and front panels, PET films with different properties and surfaces are uses:

  • Glossy films resistant to abrasion
  • Glossy films with anti-reflective properties
  • Standard matte films
  • Films with metal surface imitation
  • Films with antimicrobial effect
  • Matte films for outdoor performance uhl1
  • Films for full-color printing

In addition, we have prepared a special laser engraved silicone button keypad, which includes all the films we use, printed in black, blue and white, mirror silver, plus we left a section of clean plastic without printing.


In conclusion, you can order this catalog absolutely FREE, for this you just need to fill out the form and indicate the address where to send the catalog.


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