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Membrane Keyboard Vs Mechanical Keyboard: Which is best?

Membrane Keyboard Vs Mechanical Keyboard: Which is best?

Jan 01, 2022

If there’s something that every tech geek should try at least once in their life, it’s using a mechanical keyboard. You can argue that any keyboard is not a keyboard, it is only one for typing characters. But that’s when you’ve never once put your hand on membrane keyboard vs mechanical keyboard.

Because once you have typed the first keys on a proper mechanical keyboard, your life will change forever from now on. Both positive and passionate.

Difference between membrane keyboard vs mechanical keyboard

A mechanical keyboard is a keyboard where below each key is a separate switch that operates according to a mechanical or mechanical hybrid mechanism. This is an important component that determines the feeling of pressing on each key (response, bounce, durability, typing speed, accuracy, touch …).

Because of the special mechanism of these switches, using membrane keyboard vs mechanical keyboard will help you minimize wrist fatigue, finger pain or shoulder pain when using the keys for a long time.

Mechanical keyboards are inspired by the old typewriters. There have also been many ups and downs with the invention of switches with many different mechanisms. But about the past 10 years, mechanical keyboards have come back really strong and much richer with an extremely large scale and diversity.

And anyone, doing whatever work, using the keyboard for anything, should have a mechanical keyboard.

Membrane Keyboard Vs Mechanical Keyboard


Immediate and long-term benefits of membrane keyboard vs mechanical keyboard

No matter what type of switch you use, membrane keyboard vs mechanical keyboard, standard mechanical keyboards will bring you the following small to large benefits:

The feeling of typing is much better: thanks to the switches below, your typing feeling will be different from using a regular keyboard (also known as a membrane keyboard), with a clear bounce, good touch, typing feeling. extremely clear, no need to go all the way to the key height and still receive characters, so it requires less force to press.

Of course, the specific feeling depends on the type of switch (clicky, tactile, linear, non-contact capacitive switch or optical switch …) but called a mechanical keyboard, the typing experience will certainly be much better. Mechanical keyboard improves typing feeling and is good for users’ health.

Comparison between membrane keyboard vs mechanical keyboard

Durable to the point of “boring”: To make a small comparison, the membrane keyboard vs mechanical keyboard usually has a lifespan of 2-3 million clicks, which is the same, or less. Not to mention the membrane keys doc road can shrink, stretch, harden because of the weather.

As for mechanical keyboards, they also send 50 million or more clicks at most. Even some special guys like Filco keyboards using Cherry switches still dare to give a 5-year warranty.

Enough for you to understand how big the gap in quality and durability is between a regular keyboard and a mechanical keyboard. On average, to use all 50 million keystrokes, you would theoretically need to use the keyboard for more than 50 decades.

Membrane Keyboard Vs Mechanical Keyboard 2022

The mechanical keyboard is good for health

Because of such a good typing feeling, our joints and fingertips are also pampered. With mechanical keys with low pressing force, the point of receiving short keys is both fast and requires less force, so over time the wrist will not be affected. Avoid what people call “office sickness”.

Inspiration, for membrane keyboard vs mechanical keyboard: Mechanical keyboards are a world of color and light. There are many styles of styles, wanting classic with classic.

It is also possible to replace the keycap loudly (as long as it matches the card and the keycap foot is used). All of these are extremely mouth-watering side dishes for any user. From there, it creates a great inspiration for both your study, work and entertainment process.

Lights like this are not interesting

Nurturing passion: No one says insatiable passion is a good thing, but passion in moderation can cause the body to release a flood of adrenaline which is extremely beneficial. And using mechanical keys can give you that passion (as long as it’s in moderation).

If you are comparing membrane keyboard vs mechanical keyboard, you can just buy it and then look at it until it’s dead, it’s still the same. Then the mechanical keyboard you can freely play, break, play, change all kinds of games. This is what people in the industry refer to as “custom keyboard”.

That is, depending on your preferences and playability, you can invest in some initial tools and then from there. Change the:

  • Keycap
  • change the switch
  • lube switch
  • lube stab (balance bar under the big keys)
  • degree cable, change/paint case (keyboard cover)
  • change plate (fixed metal switch), change volume knob

Heroic and more professional can manually assemble a mechanical key of their own. A player is busy changing the switch on a hot swap Glorious GMMK RGB mechanical keyboard.

Classification of membrane keyboard vs mechanical keyboard

According to the budget: the cheap range is around 1 million, the average is 2-3 million, the high-end is countless from 4 million or more. Depending on your ability, choose the whole family. By switch type: I’m talking about mechanical switches. There are many companies that make switches, to supply or to use internally their finished mechanical key products.

But whatever you choose membrane keyboard  it’s also grouped into three main switch types:

  1. clicky (with click clack sound and pitch between keystrokes)
  2. tactile (with pitch but no noise) and
  3. linear (smooth, no pitch and no noise) also no noise).

Depending on your preferences and work requirements, the environment uses mechanical keys and chooses the appropriate switch type. Which membrane keyboard vs mechanical keyboard should I choose for gaming?

List of priority order

Typing speed and required force of membrane keyboard vs mechanical keyboard

When playing games, you should choose a switch that suits your needs and the type of game you’re playing: loud or low or no sound, heavy or light click, fast click speed.

Specifically, weak hands need to press a lot of fast buttons should not use the Black / Green switch. You use it at night or at home with young children. You should not use the Blue switch. if you play high-speed games, you should choose the membrane keyboard vs mechanical keyboard.


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