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The Magical Features of Rgb Membrane Keyboard

The Magical Features of Rgb Membrane Keyboard

Jan 01, 2022

To improve efficiency at work and experience when playing entertainment games, it is extremely necessary to equip yourself with a quality membrane rgb membrane keyboard. But not everyone can afford it, especially young students.

So many young people are wondering whether to buy a membrane keyboard or a membrane key? Don’t worry, let us help you solve these questions!

Concept of pseudo-membrane keyboard and rgb membrane keyboard

Before choosing for yourself a satisfactory keyboard, I will briefly summarize for some newcomers the basic concepts of membrane keyboards and what are membrane keyboards?

If you are a gamer and want to set up a high-end gaming corner, you probably know that the RGB membrane keyboard. It will help you quickly locate the 4 WASD keys in low-light environments. A. He’s not all the benefits of this type of keyboard where this list will tell you specific than:

  • You will freely rotate the important keys and especially the keys you are familiar with when playing games.
  • With rgb membrane keyboardit will let you know when your computer system is overheated or the wireless connection has poor signal.
  • Every time you use a skill or attack in the game, the RGB membrane effects on the keyboard will be synchronized beautifully.

Not only gamers, ordinary users can also own and use rgb membrane keyboard with a number of benefits such as:

  • Feel free to type at a fast speed in low light places.
  • Each time press you will find the keys that respond with membrane voyeuristic system.
  • The journey as well as the emotion when typing will be more real and more than a normal keyboard.

Rgb Membrane Keyboard

What is a rgb membrane keyboard?

The pseudo-membrane keyboard gives users the same feeling of use as a membrane keyboard. Furthermore, it comes with a rubber design below the keys, up to 69% similar to the feeling of pressing compared to conventional keyboard products.

Currently, some membrane keyboards are even equipped with convenient palm rests. Rgb membrane keyboard to help users comfortably use them at night.

What is a membrane keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards have a separate elastic mechanism, also known as Switch (membrane switch). In addition, rgb membrane keyboard also have a lot of advantages compared to normal keyboards, such as:

  • longer life and fast pressing of a combination of many keys at the same time
  • suitable when you play games…

This type of keyboard does not have the usual keyboard membranes, nor is it a multi-color keyboard that you can pre-select a color mode through predefined key combinations.

The RGB membrane keyboard is much more advanced than that. With the number of colors in the RGB, you can customize the modes as well as adjust the color of all the keys through the included software.

Shape of membrane keyboard

membrane keyboard has many shapes, popular are round, square and flat (sticky membrane). T seaweed that round rgb membrane keyboard is kind of very popular because cheap and easy to replace, this type of easily purchased in shops specializing in electronics of any kind.

Compare membrane keyboard and rgb membrane keyboard?

The pseudo-membrane keyboard is structured below the keys, which is still a rubber layer like a regular keyboard, which works thanks to the processor chip. When acting on the keyboard, it will indirectly transmit to the electrical circuit and thanks to the elasticity of the rubber pad will return to its original position.

Rgb Membrane Keyboard 2022

Mechanical keyboard:

In particular, instead of having to type to the bottom like regular keyboards or membrane keyboards, for membrane keyboards, just press down half, information has been transmitted to the server. Therefore, the user does not lose too much typing force and the typing time is minimized.

Lifetime of the keyboard

The life of the pseudo-membrane keyboard is relatively short, averaging only 1 – 5 million keystrokes. If you need to use a lot of data input and editing, you may have to change keys often.

Due to the use of a 100% membrane switch, the lifespan of a rgb membrane keyboard is many times higher, averaging from 30 to 50 million keystrokes. It can be said that the life of this product is 10 times higher than that of the membrane keyboard model.

Response time and feel when typing

When the user exerts a force, the keypress will indirectly cause the rubber pad to sink, touching the circuit board below. From here, the circuit will transmit information to the server. When using a pseudo-membrane keyboard, you must hit the bottom of the key. This means longer typing time.

With a separate spring mechanism and depending on which switch you use, the force acting on the rgb membrane keyboard feels lighter and smoother. Moreover, typing time is also reduced by half.

The price between the fake membrane keyboard and the membrane keyboard

Fake membrane computer keyboard has a relatively cheap price, only fluctuates in the price range from 350,000 to 800,000 VND, you can also own a satisfactory membrane computer keyboard. Equipped with RGB membrane system and from brands like ASUS, DareU.

With outstanding advantages, rgb membrane keyboard is a very popular product among gamers. This is also a suitable product for those who often operate on the keyboard. Some companies specializing in the production of membrane keyboards can be reviewed such as Razer, Corsair, Logitech keyboard, AKKO, …

Should I buy a rgb membrane keyboard?

In my personal opinion, after experiencing both membrane and pseudo-membrane keyboard lines, I think you should equip yourself with a membrane keyboard to improve working performance and entertainment quality.

Many people commented that membrane and membrane computer keyboards both bring a great experience to users. However, with different structures and prices, the experience will be at different levels.

Mechanical keyboard for fast, smooth typing speed, pleasant sound, modern membrane system, supporting users in low light conditions. In general, using a rgb membrane keyboard will bring a perfect experience.


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