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7 Silicone Keypad Cover for Laptop Secrets You Never Knew

7 Silicone Keypad Cover for Laptop Secrets You Never Knew

Jan 31, 2022

The laptop keyboard without silicone keypad cover for laptop is the place where dust and dirt cling the most. Because our hands often come into contact with this part and leave a lot of bacteria and dirt sticking to the slots. So, is there a way to clean the laptop keyboard, kill bacteria most effectively without having to go to the store?

Basic laptop keyboard cleaning method

How to remove the laptop keyboard as follows? Even though you don’t pour liquid directly onto your computer, turning the power off completely will help ensure that the internal devices aren’t damaged if moisture gets in.

At the same time, avoid losing important documents by accidentally pressing the wrong button while cleaning the keyboard. Turn off the laptop via the Power Options menu, then unplug the power cord and proceed with the next steps.

Silicone Keypad Cover for Laptop

Use Silicone keypad cover for laptop and shake it slightly

This will remove dirt and debris in keyboard crevices. By removing the large dirt first, cleaning the part is easier. Spread a towel underneath the laptop before you shake it off to make cleanup easier!

Use a can of compressed air and spray between the keys to remove dirt

Make sure the nebulizer is attached to the tank before use. Tilt the keyboard to one side and spray between the keys in short bursts, moving the nozzle gradually from side to side of the keyboard. At this point, the force of the air will dislodge any debris trapped between and below the keys.

Without silicone keypad cover for laptop, radiation can be absorbed by the computer through the keyboard 99.7% power residual radiation. Wrinkle-free design, free folds will not leave wrinkles, allowing you to carry or wash more conveniently.

The first electrostatic adsorption, exclusive 3D stereoscopic design, use when not moving, you can completely fit the keyboard surface without affecting the operation of the keyboard.

Silicone keypad has Waterproof material, unique leak-proof side

You don’t have to worry about your drink being knocked on the keyboard and damaging the computer, dust, to keep out dust, soot, Cookies brittleness and other types of impact on the keyboard and affect the life of the keyboard.

Silicone keypad cover for laptop, Easy to clean, can wash directly with water. A little soft rub on clean and so dry can reuse. Its ultra-thin design with high transparency allows you to clearly see the symbols on keyboard. Typing is not affected by light touch.

Its surface also has anti-slip function. Let you type more easily, ultra-thin design, does not affect the computer switch.


Laptops are now gradually becoming more popular

Laptops / notebooks are now gradually becoming more popular with users. For students, the laptop is like an inseparable object and must save a large amount of money to get it. Therefore, protecting laptops by silicone keypad cover for laptop safely and long-term is quite interested and focused by users.

Especially when you often have to move, these issues deserve more attention. So in this article, we will suggest you 12 tips to protect your laptop safely and longer.

Never put a laptop on the bed

You should be careful before placing your laptop on a bed, sofa or any soft surface. The reason is because the soft material affects the ventilation system below the laptop, when placing the device on this surface will prevent air from passing through the bottom of the machine to cool the device.

So always place the laptop on a table or on a hard surface.

Antivirus software

Antivirus software and silicone keypad cover for laptop are quite important to help protect your computer more optimally. Help protect your computer when you connect to devices such as USB, phone or connect to another device. In addition, this software has the effect of minimizing the risk of the computer when it “eats” data.
Silicone Keypad Cover for Laptop 2022

Therefore, you should choose for yourself anti-virus software to protect your computer!

Safely remove silicone keypad cover for laptop

Improper removal of drives such as flash drives, external hard drives, etc. can damage your computer’s accessories. So, use silicone keypad cover for laptop and be careful while unplugging external storage drives from your laptop.

Use CD, DVD drive regularly

Do not use the DVD, CD drive often because this can make your DVD and CD drive worse. Never use DVD, CD drive to watch movies directly. You should just copy data from DVD, CD to the machine and then watch them. In addition, when closing the DVD drive, the CD should also be properly.

Avoid spilling liquid on laptop

You should keep liquids away from your laptop because accidentally dropping liquid on the keyboard can destroy the keyboard completely. This damage cannot repair.

Clean your laptop by silicone keypad cover for laptop once a week. You should follow the correct procedure to clean your computer properly. Clean the LCD screen then wipe the rest of the computer. Do not let the computer get wet, wipe the laptop with a soft dry cloth.

Maintain battery power properly

Laptop battery power is an important factor to maintain the laptop’s life. Therefore, users should charge the battery properly. Specifically, the battery should unplug after fully charged and should not plug in often because it is easy to cause battery bottles.

Always lift your computer with both hands from the bottom of the laptop. Use silicone keypad cover for laptop. This will help keep your laptop safe from any accidents that could damage the laptop.

Avoid being too hot or too cold

In order for the laptop to have a long life, users should not leave the laptop in locations that are too hot or too cold. Doing so may cause damage to the laptop.

Do not place the laptop near other electrical equipment

Never place any electrical devices near your laptop because the laptop screen emits electromagnetic fields, which can harm your other electrical equipment.

Never flip a laptop over at an angle greater than 120 degrees

If you do so, it may cause your screen to crack after a long time of use. So, always remember to only open the laptop to an angle of 90 to 120 degrees.

You always have to remember that without silicone keypad cover for laptop, the tip of the pen can hit the screen, causing damage to the laptop, in addition, the ink of the pen spilling into the machine is also one of the factors that damage the laptop’s CPU.


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