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Silicone keypad manufacturer AUS 2021: 5 Ways to Fix Damaged Pads

Silicone keypad manufacturer AUS 2021: 5 Ways to Fix Damaged Pads

Oct 28, 2021

A broken keypad is a big nuisance for silicone keypad manufacturer AUS 2021. Unlike the owner of a PC, who can always replace a worn-out external accessory with a new one, in such cases, he has to give the laptop itself for repair.
Silicone keypad manufacturer AUS 2021

And it’s good if there is no influx of customers in the service workshop then repairs the laptop keypad or replaces it quickly.

To fix the problem, first, you need to understand the cause of its occurrence. A breakdown can be like:

  • oxidized loop contacts
  • burnt out microcontroller
  • liquid spilled on buttons
  • mechanical damage.

In addition, the laptop Silicone keypad manufacturer AUS 2021may fail due to operating system errors. In this case, it is not difficult to solve the problem yourself. It is enough to complete the installation steps or the drivers and the device will work again.

Elimination of damage comes by oxidation

If the breakdown comes by other of the above reasons, it is much more difficult to repair the keypad, and sometimes the only way out is to replace it. Elimination of damage comes by oxidation of the loop contacts If the laptop’s battery life is decent, keypad problems may be related to the wringing out.

or oxidation of the ribbon cable pins. To check this option, the device will have to disassemble. How this is done, look at the photo: Having reached the loop, you should disconnect it by pushing it out of the connector. If, upon visual inspection, damage to the contacts is visible.

How test the device’s performance?

If outwardly everything is in order with the contacts, they need to be wiped with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or an ordinary stationery eraser. After cleaning, insert the part into the connector, after which you can test the device’s performance.

If we lose the loop, the connector may become unusable, after which the Silicone keypad manufacturer AUS 2021replacement will be inevitable. The component will have to change. Replacing yourself will not be difficult.

How to act after accidental flooding of the silicone keypad?

The reasons for the breakdown can be as shown in the photo; it is more difficult to fix a breakdown resulting from liquid getting under the buttons. It is not uncommon for the keypad to repair at all. In this case, the problem is easy to solve only by replacing it and at the same time other laptop nodes that have suffered from getting wet.

Replacing the keypad is most often trusted by professional craftsmen, but you can do it yourself. Changing the panel is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Here’s how to change buttons in a service workshop:

If the keypad is flooded, you need to do the following:

disconnect the power plug from the mains and remove the battery try to turn the device over with the buttons down as quickly as possible so that the moisture flows out disassemble the device, rinse it (this is especially important if the spilled liquid was sweet!) and dry it with a cold or slightly warm hairdryer.

After the inside of the laptop has completely dried, a visual inspection is performed to identify burned-out conductive paths. If there are many of them, and in addition, the controller has become unusable, it will not be possible to repair the device without replacing the components. In some cases.

Cleaning the Silicone keypad

Often the reason for the poor performance of the Silicone keypad manufacturer AUS 2021of laptops is commonplace dirt. You can always fix the problem comes by this with your own hands. For this you need:

  • clean the print panel with a vacuum cleaner
  • carefully remove the top of the lagging buttons
  • remove crumbs, hairs, and other dirt that have fallen under the sticky buttons then put the keys back in place (you can use a thin screwdriver, needle, or paper clip to remove the button)
  • wipe all buttons with alcohol or special wet wipes
  • Brush off the rest of the dust with a soft brush.
  • So what can you do to avoid costly laptop repairs?

At the very beginning: “What will happen to the laptop if you do nothing and leave everything as it is after flooding?”

Possible consequences of spilling liquid on the keypad:

  • the keypad will stop working completely;
  • the keypad will work partially. Several Silicone keypad manufacturers AUS 2021will not work, or the keys will “give” the wrong characters;
  • the laptop will stop turning on due to a short circuit. This happens when liquid gets on the motherboard, power supply;
  • some functions of the laptop will stop working: battery charging, the laptop will periodically freeze. There may be problems with the touchpad, RAM, and other modules;
  • loss of user data may occur due to hard disk failure due to liquid spillage on the control board

The incentives for repairing and cleaning a laptop after exposing to liquid sort out.

Below is a small instruction for those who want to try to fix the laptop Silicone keypad manufacturer AUS 2021after being flooded with liquid.

How to try to fix Silicone keypad?

Just want to warn you that the user will need some skill and experience in disassembling a laptop. If you have never disassembled a laptop before, there is a possibility of spoiling something, disabling other modules, components, damaging cables, and connectors. Be careful!
A Silicone keypad manufacturer AUS 2021

  1. Liquid spilled on the laptop.
  2. At the same time, turn the laptop upside down to prevent further leakage of liquid.
  3. Turn off the laptop power: remove the power supply plug from the outlet and the battery.
  4. Only then can the laptop completely disassemble or the keypad removed. After removing the Silicone keypad manufacturer AUS 2021, you can check how much the spill has spread.

Conclusion Silicone keypad manufacturer AUS 2021

Silicone keypads from IMP Electronics Solutions are the perfect balance between functionality and cost-effectiveness. Common for everything from TV remote controls to international space station displays, silicone keypads are both water- and dust-resistant and can hold up in extreme temperatures and conditions.


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