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Omg! The Best Silicone Keypad Outgassing Ever!

Omg! The Best Silicone Keypad Outgassing Ever!

Jan 31, 2022

Silicone Outgassing

Silicone keypad outgassing are data input devices. They consist of several layers, one of which contains an elastic metal or plastic silicone. The actuation of the keys located on the decorative (outer) layer occurs when they press and the contacts in the electrical part of the silicone keypad close.

Silicone keypads have a number of advantages:

  • High level of dust and moisture protection
  • Flexibility;
  • Compactness (thickness from 0.5 mm);
  • Durability (withstand up to 1 million clicks).

Silicone keypads use in the following areas:

  • Household computers;
  • Medical equipment;
  • Industrial equipment;
  • Dispatching systems of various types;
  • Communications equipment, etc.

Silicone Keypad Outgassing

Possibilities of production of silicone keypad outgassing

In this paragraph, we can provide you with a range of finished products, as well as make a custom-made silicone keypad according to your requirements. Own production allows us to produce silicone keypads of various formats, with backlighting and various connection interfaces.

You can buy products at competitive prices in any quantity.

Backlit silicone keypad

The film control panel is a simple and reliable solution for managing the operating commands of any type of device.

Silicone keypad consists of two parts – electric and decorative, glued together.

Decorative part of the silicone keypad

The film can be of several types:

  • Fine-grained (uses by default).
  • Coarse-grained.
  • Silky (Soft Touch).

The electrical part of the silicone keypad outgassing can be of various types:

Silicon with silver conductive paste

Firstly, the output is provided by a flexible FPC cable with a step of 1 mm. To protect against environmental influences, the topology elements are covered with a protective graphite coating.

Polyimide film with copper conductive layer.

Secondly, the output is provided by a flexible FPC cable with a step of 1 mm. To protect against environmental influences, the topology elements are cover with a protective graphite or gold coating (gold-plated contacts).

Rigid fiberglass printed circuit board.

Thirdly, the silicone keypad outgassing is provided by any connector at the request of the Customer, wires, cables. It is possible to complete with a flexible ultra-flat FPC cable with a pitch of 0.5 mm (inserted into the connector on the keypad board). Soldering points are protected with varnish.

Silicone Keypad Outgassing 2022

The tactile effect of pressing keys can be achieved in several ways:

Molding (bulging) of the keys of silicone keypads

The tactile effect creates due to the elasticity of the silicon film. However, the usual shape is round. Diameter – from 9 to 15 mm (with a decrease in diameter, pressing the keys becomes more rigid). We recommend using silicone keypad outgassing molding 10-12 mm.

Keypads with Metal silicones

Keypads with metal silicones (metal domes) allow you to achieve a clearly felt tactile effect with a click when pressed. The keystroke is well felt even through a thick glove. Also, metal silicones make it possible to achieve a lower contact resistance of the key. In special equipment products, metal silicones are, in most cases, the best option.

Variants of silicone keypads without tactile effect

Most importantly, variants of silicone keypads without tactile effect (without silicone or molding/bulging) are possible. When pressed, the tactile effect is not felt. The small working stroke provides high reliability. Moreover, we recommend that you use silicone keypad outgassing, an indication of pressing (for example, an audible or LED signal).

There are different options for backlighting the silicone (film) control panel:

  • Dot LED indication.
  • Active backlit keys.
  • Electroluminescent illumination.
  • Design standards for silicone/silicone keypads:
  • Dot LED indication of silicone keypads

A transparent milky paint window

A transparent window is made at the location of the LED on the decorative film. We always recommend covering it with a light filter (transparent milky paint) so that when the window is off, the LED and the printed circuit board cannot see through the window. The silicone keypad outgassing perfectly transmits the glow of the LED.

A window for the LED also forms (a bulge with a diameter of 5-6 mm), because the height of the LED is greater than the thickness of the keypad. For keypads on a rigid printed circuit board, it is possible to use solderback LEDs. For them, forming / pecking of the front film is not needed.

Active backlighting of silicone keypads

Active key backlighting (APK) is the illumination of the entire surface of the key using a built-in LED.

Benefits of silicone keypad outgassing:

  • LED illumination of the entire area of ​​the keys and other elements;
  • Independence of illumination of each element, various colors;
  • Tactile effect (click) of the “metal silicone” type;
  • Low power consumption;
  • High reliability;
  • The ability to create “hidden” images (visible only when the backlight is on).

The keypad circuit board houses the output connector (or wires), and may also contain elements of the keypad controller, backlight control circuits, etc. Keypads with active backlight can fasten with built-in studs, bushings, threaded holes, etc.

Keypads with HSC can be uses in various conditions.

They characterize by excellent resistance to vibration, mechanical shock, climatic factors. Silicone keypad outgassing have high reliability due to the use of long-lasting LEDs.

Electroluminescent silicone keypad backlight

Electroluminescent panels design to create illumination of film keypads, displays, information plates, etc. The panels recommend for use in low light conditions.

The backlight panel is a flat film capacitor with a transparent electrode. The application of an alternating electric plane to the capacitor plates leads to the appearance of a uniform glow of the electro luminophore layer located inside the capacitor.

We use phosphors of various colors of glow.

It is also possible to use film light filters in silicone keypad outgassing to obtain the desired shade of color.

  • Glow colors Blue, green, yellow, red
  • Supply voltage 100-250 V at 50-1000 Hz
  • Power consumption                                                    mW/dm²300
  • Dielectric loss tangent                      5-15 (79 degrees)
  • Working field brightness                                            cd/m² 50-70
  • Operating time until the half-loss of brightness    h3500

The shape and size of the areas of illumination

The backlight panel can be either solid or have several unconnected glow areas of any shape and configuration. This allows you to highlight only the necessary elements without spending extra electricity. The minimum size of the backlight element is 3×3 mm.

With large areas of the backlight element (typically – from 100 × 100 mm), the effect of reducing the brightness in the center of the panel may appear. When designing silicone keypad outgassing of a large area, it is necessary to consult with our designers.

Power supply, connection to power supply

For the panel to glow, an alternating (sinusoidal or other) voltage of 100-300 V with a frequency of 50-1000 Hz is required. An increase in voltage and frequency leads to an increase in the brightness of the glow, but reduces the operating time of the panel.

The use of a high frequency (more than 500 Hz) can also cause an uneven glow (a decrease in brightness in the central part).


In conclusion, it is possible to power the backlight panel of silicone keypad outgassing from a constant low-voltage voltage using a power converter. We do not recommend using a 220V / 50Hz household network as a power source. The voltage surges present in it led to the rapid failure of the panel.


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