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Silicone Rubber Keypad Custom for Beginners and Everyone Else

Silicone Rubber Keypad Custom for Beginners and Everyone Else

Jan 31, 2022

Silicone foil keypads – producer

We specialize in the production of silicone rubber keypad custom, among others housings for electronics and products such as a silicone keypad or a foil keypad. In our assortment you will find keypad models that can be adapted to different types of housings and types of equipment.

Thanks to silicone keypads, your equipment will not only increase its functionality, but will also be aesthetically pleasing. We offer versions with a fashionable, interesting design that will turn ordinary devices into original accessories.

Versions with a fashionable, interesting design

We offer a wide range of universal designs that can be adapted to the needs of our customers and the individual character of the silicone rubber keypad custom.

Let’s take a look at some comparison points about how the structure of these two types is different:

Normal keypad with rubber key

This is a common type of keypad today, and most likely the computer you are using is using this type of keypad. At each key press, a piece of rubber is placed, when you press any key, this rubber key will touch the circuit board below and then thanks to the elastic, the rubber pad helps the key to return to its position.

Mechanical keypad with a separate switch

Completely different from normal keypads, on each key press people will equip it with a separate switch and often called a switch, inside each key uses a spring placed vertically.

Silicone Rubber Keypad Custom

3 Advantages of silicone rubber keypad custom

Born late, so mechanical keypads also have many outstanding advantages, faster and smoother typing, high bounce is one of the factors that help this type of keypad make many people switch from regular keypad to keypad.

Fast typing speed: The first and possibly most important advantage of mechanical keypads is that they provide 2 to 3 times faster typing speed than a regular keypad. Because of the fast typing speed, this type of keypad most often uses by gamers, typing faster means the ability to “kill” the enemy is also higher.

Most mechanical keypads support backlighting

High bounce: Thanks to a spring inside each key that provides a high bounce after pressing the key of silicone rubber keypad custom, thanks to the high bounce, if a key need to be typed many times, it is certain that the typing time for a mechanical keypad will be shorter.

Makes typing much smoother

In addition to fast operation, the advantage of a mechanical keypad is that it makes typing much smoother, you only need to use a moderate light force to press the key instead of having to press it enough.

A strong force for the rubber pad to touch the electronic circuit board like a normal keypad. Mechanical keypads usually have a much longer lifespan than regular keypads.

Better typing feeling:  

Try once to experience this type of silicone rubber keypad custom, you will feel how great it is, perhaps experiencing the new reality makes it easier to imagine.

The electrical switch used to open and close the circuit.

Silicone switches print on special materials such as PVC, while mechanical switches are made of copper and plastic parts. Silicone switch keypad is a practical tool for users to send commands to electronic devices.

The easy-to-use style and stylish appearance

Touch screen, PVC keyboard control systems and silicone switch label systems are the areas where the product uses the most. The easy-to-use style and stylish appearance of these systems, as well as their reasonable prices, have increased the demand of manufacturers for silicone rubber keypad custom. It uses in all electronically controlled systems.

Advantages of silicone switch

  • Unlimited alternative and aesthetic appearance in the design of Panels and Keys
  • Protection from water, humidity and humidity
  • Not being affected by dust and weather conditions
  • High number of keystrokes and long service life
  • Easy and quick cleaning possibility
  • It is possible to clean text, numbers and symbols due to back printing. no erasing
  • Thin thickness in embossed productions
  • Easy and short-time assembly
  • Prominence of pressing the button in embossed metal dome panels
  • Thin thickness in embossed productions

Silicone Keypad or Flexible foil keypads

So Silicone Keypad, Flexible foil keypads, also known as Silicone Switch, normally open electrical contact used for input. Silicone rubber keypad custom printing elements that work as a system. Moreover, they are the most useful elements in the evolution of switching elements.

They owe their high functional, technological and ergonomic level to the marvelous development of numeral technology and the general transition from analog methods to digital methods of communication with electronic devices.

Silicone Rubber Keypad Custom 2022

Each key provides certain program data

The keypad of Silicone Switches generally has the appearance of a different key ensemble. The movement of each key provides certain program data. Most importantly, the functional block formed in this way provides practically unlimited possibilities for human- silicone rubber keypad custom relationship.

However, the ever-increasing need for mounting frequency, the unique front panel design of the devices, and the following silicone switch features:

  • High security
  • Being different (different configuration)
  • High level of protection
  • Affordable price, quick and easy assembly
  • Compatibility with microprocessors

Thirdly, all these features have resulted in the replacement of the classic keyboard buttons, the flexible Silicone Keypad. It consists of four layers of foil. Front (Graphic Front panel), Distance and Basic sandwich together.

Usage areas of Silicone Switches:

  • Usage areas of flexible silicone keypads
  • Telephone industry
  • Measurement technology
  • Micro keypad production
  • Telecommunication systems
  • White goods
  • Computer technology
  • Automotive industry
  • Devices used in medicine
  • Numerical controlled machines
  • Electronic toys and game consoles

Chiclet and Rubber dome of silicone rubber keypad custom

In this paragraph, the reason I put these two keypads in the same group is because the mechanism works the same.

Firstly, rubber dome also known as rubber keyboard is a universal keyboard that almost everyone has been using. The name of this type of keyboard comes from the rubber silicone placed below the buttons of the keyboard.

Secondly, when you press a button on this silicone, the signal of that button will transmit along with the elasticity of the rubber silicone will return the key to its original position.

Keyboard construction layer

In conclusion, the cost to produce silicone rubber keypad custom is very cheap, and most keypad on the market are rubber keypad. The price of the cheapest rubber keyboard is only about 100k. And the price can be up to more than 1 million for keypad with many other functions such as: integrated screen, backlight, additional ports, media keys and macros.


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