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Why I Trust Silicone Rubber Keypad Innovations?

Why I Trust Silicone Rubber Keypad Innovations?

Jan 31, 2022

We produce all kinds of silicone rubber keypad innovations, silicone keyboard used for phones, computers, and electronic devices. Products made according to customers’ requirements and drawings.

Rubber keyboard with strict quality requirements

Rubber keyboard is a product with extremely strict quality requirements. The accuracy, art, and detail of each key must always be guaranteed. Even the paint of the keyboard needs to comply with non-toxic, UV-resistant standards.

Silicone rubber keyboard is used on many electronic products. The anti-static and product durability need to be very good. Particularly, the silicone material used for the keyboard is a type of silicone with good mechanical properties, tougher than normal silicone.

The ink on the keyboard must be non-toxic. It is non-toxic ink that stays on the keys for a long time without fading.

Silicone Rubber Keypad Innovations

Use laptop silicone rubber keypad innovations

It is a fact that you can easily see that the laptop is the place that is most easily exposed to dust. Especially when we work with them all day long, not to mention that the working environment can be uncomfortable in a quiet closed room with air conditioning.

Therefore, to protect the laptop keyboard from dust problems, or as simple as broken hair sticking to the keyboard, it is important. It also reduces the sensitivity a lot, even accidentally spilling water on it will also fix. Dust comes through laptop keyboard cover. This can consider a worthwhile investment for your laptop keyboard.

Keep your hands clean before typing

Of course, a dirty hand brings with it a lot of bacteria. It will be worse when they stick to the laptop silicone rubber keypad innovations. It is easy to become a breeding ground for bacteria here. That’s why preserving the laptop keyboard will also come with keeping it clean.

Making sure your hands have disinfected, or washed before working. It will ensure the most ideal condition for our laptop keyboard to be always clean.

Use compressed air to blow dust from silicone rubber keypad

You are having a hard time getting the dirt deep inside the slot. You can use the usual laptop keyboard cleaning methods. Then don’t forget to combine it with blown air balloons, or compressed air spray, maybe a dust blower.

This considers a very effective way to clean and protect the laptop silicone rubber keypad innovations from dust and dirt that you can do every day with “laptop keyboard cleaning gel “.

keep laptop keyboard clean

There is a common problem, especially for those of you who have a habit of playing games on laptop keyboards. That is using only a few buttons continuously throughout the day. In that case it will be very easy to make the keys badly damaged.

To preserve the laptop keyboard, the best way is to use a balance between the keys. Don’t change the whole new keyboard because of a broken key.

Avoid eating or drinking near silicone rubber keypad innovations

The next way to preserve the laptop keyboard is to limit yourself to eating while working. This habit will accidentally create crumbs from food and drink that fall on your laptop keyboard. It is not only dirty but also very difficult to clean the laptop keyboard.

So please eat and drink away from the work area with the laptop, to keep it clean. It is a way to preserve the laptop in general and the keyboard in particular, which you have complete control over.


What is a laptop keyboard cover?

It can say that the accessory has many different names from: cover, laptop silicone rubber keypad innovations. Then as the name you have seen, it covers the surface of the keyboard of our laptop that we use every day. With different materials, sizes, colors and brands, to be able to match and create more choices for each model you own.

The first thing we see is that when using a laptop keyboard, the surface of the keyboard protect when it cover with the key cover. As for the deeper reasons, let’s find out more right below.
Silicone Rubber Keypad Innovations 2022

The effect of laptop keyboard cover

In terms of price, it can be said that this is one of the cheap laptop silicone rubber keypad innovations. However, that does not come with no meaning or just decorative use. Because the things that this laptop keyboard covers help you are many.

A layer of protection and dustproof

Even when working in a closed room, dust always exists in the air from which it can completely penetrate deep inside your laptop keyboard. If one day your typing is limited and no longer as responsive as before. Then do not rush to judge the software inside there is a problem that is most likely all caused by dirt.

That is also the reason that a laptop keyboard cover should be used, because it covers the surface of the computer silicone rubber keypad innovations, creating a layer of protection and dustproof to the maximum.

MacBook keyboard cover

Because I have experienced it myself after a while and can see that there is a lot of dust, not to mention the hair, so the food crumbs from the snacks during the long working day will also stick to the cover. It is also conceivable that in the long run, if not protected, the impact on your machine is completely possible.

Waterproof: minimizes the risks

In addition to protecting the laptop silicone rubber keypad innovations from dust, it also minimizes the risks that come from drinking your water. For example, accidentally spilling water on the keyboard also brings too serious consequences.

That’s not to mention when you pour sugary soft drinks, they will inherently stick and thicken the candy. If it penetrates inside, the internal circuitry will be affected. It is worse than having to replace the new laptop.

Keyboard cover silicone make you feel comfortable

In addition to protection, but when used, it is not too cumbersome to make you feel comfortable, simply cover it and you can use silicone rubber keypad innovations. In addition, just fold it up to catch it anywhere, put it in your pocket and the next day it can be opened and reused.

If you are lazy, you can also cover it once and fold the laptop because it will not fall out when it sticks very well on the surface of the key, this I can guarantee when you have used our product. Spa Laptop.


Particularly for concerns about aesthetics, you can choose transparent laptop silicone rubber keypad innovations and cover it. It does not detract from the value of the laptop and just choosing the right size will eliminate this problem.


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