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What is standard rubber keypad switch? Easy Guide 2021

What is standard rubber keypad switch? Easy Guide 2021

Sep 16, 2021

Why should you use a standard rubber keypad switch?

standard rubber keypad switch

When making a device with a console such as a calculator, what to use for input is an important choice. But in such personal level electronic work, there is a strong tendency to use a standard rubber keypad switch. The number one reason is cheapness.

Composition of standard rubber keypad switch

1-First, from the left, toggle switch

2-Second, it has 2 types of a micro switch, slide switch,

3-Lastly, it has 2 types of tact switch, DIP slide switch

However, if you are working on a flexible board, you can bend the entire keypad by adopting a membrane switch that can be bent with a flutter. The idea of ​​this rounding calculator is It was the source of.

What structure does a switch that can be bent with a flutter?

A membrane switch structure is one that can bend with a flutter. Membrane literally means membrane. In other words, it is a membrane switch, which comes from the fact that this switch (standard rubber keypad switch) is composed of several membranes, as the name implies.
1- Firstly, membrane switch structure. Stack these three sheets

2- Secondly, the side view is very appropriate

3-Lastly, when pressed with a finger, the electrodes meet each other!

Features of standard rubber keypad switch (Membrane Switch)


The advantages of this membrane switch (standard rubber keypad switch

) is that
it can be manufactured at a low cost by mass production

1-First, it has excellent dustproof and waterproof properties (because the seat can be easily sealed)
2- Secondly, the switch can
be made very thin.

3-Taking advantage of this characteristic, membrane switches are often common in water areas such as
4-Membrane switches are also common in the keyboards of general notebook PCs and desktop PCs.

5-Above all, this product is provided by K & D Co., Ltd.!

Precautionary measures for standard rubber keypad switch

  1. There is no feeling (click feeling) when pressing
  2. If a part of the sheet is damaged, it is necessary to replace the entire sheet
  3. It is vulnerable to damage such as scratching
  4. And so on in standard rubber keypad switch


Why are membrane switches not common often?
Due to this characteristic, it is not often common in applications where it is desirable to have the feel of pressing a switch, such as buttons for operating large machines and tools.
However, some membrane switches use a metal dome or rubber dome together to create a click feeling

The pressure standard rubber keypad switch is a device common frequently in industrial environments. Available in pneumatic and hydraulic systems, from large capacity to small capacity are common. Let’s find out together. These can also be damaged.

What is a pressure switch?

Pressure switches in standard rubber keypad switch, are also known as pressure switches, pressure relays, etc. The number of sensing elements receiving the signal will characterize the pressure switch classification. From there, it is divided into a single pressure switch and a double pressure switch.

A pressure relay is a device that converts a pressure or negative pressure signal into an on/off electrical signal. Provides the operating system with information and signals to respond from rising or falling, closed or open. The increase and decrease will be set by the user. Understand simply is an industrial switching device.

Uses of standard rubber keypad switch

Today pressure switches in standard rubber keypad switch are commonly common in many industries from many fields such as medical, motorsport, agriculture, marine, etc. One of them must be mentioned as:

  1. Firstly, oxygen pressures monitor for medical equipment in dispensaries, hospitals, etc.
  2. Secondly, DNA Sampling Machine
  3. Equipment for preparing drinks
  4. Moreover, fish tank filter system
  5. Triggers and alarms in ventilators and medical devices
  6. Agricultural dust removal machinery.
  7. Moreover, it is widely common in industries.
  8. Lastly, it is common to control some industrial equipment such as presses, welding machines, etc.

Hydraulic pressure switches of standard rubber keypad switch are common to control pneumatics in trucks, the brake pressure in trains, cars, engine head monitoring, power steering, and transmission, etc.

Classification of the pressure switch

There are two popular types on the market today: pneumatic pressure switches and dual pressure switches.

Pneumatic pressure switch

To easily select the Relay suitable for the purpose of use. Pneumatic pressure switch is divided into 2 types: single pressure relay and double pressure relay

Single pressure switch

The durable single relay in standard rubber keypad switch is made from good materials such as copper, stainless steel, plastic, high-grade anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and anti-oxidation. The low-pressure relay is operated in the form of evaporative pressure and switches off the gas generator when the pressure drops.

Composition includes LP differential and pressure setting screw, main arm, main and differential spring, expansion collet, low pressure connector, contact, terminal screw, expansion collet box, low pressure connector. The high-pressure relay is responsible for opening and closing when the condensate pressure of the refrigerant flow.

Structure of standard rubber keypad switch

standard rubber keypad switch 2021

Structure of standard rubber keypad switch includes contact, wiring screw, ground screw, wire entry, flip mechanism to open and close the contact definitively, lock plate, lever, support lug, reset button, for the switch high pressure, HP high pressure set screw, high pressure connector.

What is a pressure switch?

Also known as dual pressure relay. It is a combination of low relay and high relay. Integrating them in a single ring has both relay functions. Helps to cut off the pressure when it is over and lower it when it is below the allowable level.

There are two types of design for this relay common in standard rubber keypad switch. It is manually closed design with internal lever or design with external reset button. Generally, industrial keypads have two pointing systems: the trackball and the touchpad.

Pros and cons of a touchpad; standard rubber keypad switch

The touchpad is generally less comfortable than a trackball, but it manages to guarantee at a low price a total IP68 rating to the keypad that has it. That means the keypad can be completely submerged in liquid to clean it without compromising performance. This is exactly why silicone keypads usually have such a device.

On the contrary, in addition to being less comfortable in use and more delicate, it can have problems in operation if the person wears gloves; That does not happen very often in rubber keypad switch. But for certain types of gloves, it could happen. Ask experts if a type of glove can compromise or prevent the keypad from functioning.

Pros and cons of a trackball; standard rubber keypad switch

The trackball is mainly found on a stainless-steel keypad since it is more robust and can therefore be installed in vandal resistant structures. In addition, the trackball is much more comfortable thanks to its similarity to a mouse.


On the contrary, due to its rotation, it cannot guarantee IP68 protection (generally it is an IP54 degree of protection), unless very expensive products are not chosen. Precisely because the trackball has to rotate, it cannot be installed on a silicone covered keypad.

Hula Point: the perfect compromise between Trackball and Touchpad

So how do you go about getting full IP68 protection without using the touchpad in standard rubber keypad switch? The system called Hula Point is the perfect solution for those who do not want (or cannot) use the touchpad. In this way the operator can use his keypad without removing his gloves.

The Hula Point as an integrated keypad solution is not very popular. Anyway, you can consider buying its module, without necessarily buying the whole keypad. When it comes to work in the medical, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors, all the components that are common have to be constantly and carefully cleaned and sterilized.

Why keypads must be covered with silicone?

One of the most common components in laboratories and hospitals is undoubtedly standard rubber keypad switch. And the keypad is then one of the dirtiest objects at all, since dirt can always be deposited between the keys, which is then difficult to remove. That is why, then, that keypads must be covered with silicone.

The 3 reasons why silicone keypads must be common in the medical sector

Here are the 3 reasons why silicone keypads must be common in the medical, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors:

1-Total protection of liquids

 The degree of protection of a silicone keypad is IP68. This means that it can be completely submerged in water for a more thorough cleaning, without compromising its functionality;


Its silicone cover prevents the accumulation of dirt and the proliferation of microbes between the keys, also avoiding contamination, infections, and transmission of bacteria.

Your rubber keypad switch, must be antibacterial.

3-Endurance in standard rubber keypad switch

The characteristic of silicone is the ability to resist all those disinfectant chemicals common in these sectors. By the way, in a general membrane switch, silver paste is common for the conductive part. In addition, since the place other than the contact part is also insulated by the spacer, there are some that do not apply resist.

Silver paste is easy to oxidize and is weak in hardness, so it is not suitable for connections and contacts such as connectors. Carbon is often applied to these areas from above to protect them. But cheap standard rubber keypad switch sheets often do not even do this.

Products that use membrane switches

In this calculator production, we plan to utilize the thinness of the membrane switch as a “rollable keypad”.
Products that are common in this way include Sanwa Supply’s “bendable keyboard” SKB-BT14 (Amazon link). Unlike ordinary keyboards, the surface is completely covered with silicone, so it is also waterproof to some extent.

I don’t intend to make the standard rubber keypad switch waterproof with this calculator, but it doesn’t matter how much water it splashes if it doesn’t get into the gaps in the seat.

Features and reasons for adoption of key matrix

This calculator will use a total of 18 keys.
Most electronic work uses switches, but when the number of switches is small, one pin is usually connected to one switch to read the status.

However, as the number of standard rubber keypad switch increases, the number of pins in microcomputers and ICs often becomes insufficient. This time, we adopted a microcomputer with many pins, but due to the use of flexible boards, there are restrictions on wiring. Key matrix reduces common pins


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