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Super Big Membrane Switch: Choosing the Right Dome for A Membrane Switch

Super Big Membrane Switch: Choosing the Right Dome for A Membrane Switch

Feb 25, 2021

How to Choose the Right Dome for Super Big Membrane Switch?

The quality of the super big membrane switch depends upon the nature of the force of the dome as how hard or soft the press it takes to make or actuate the dome. The integral matter of concern regarding the super big membrane switch is the selection of the right membrane switch.

This becomes the common question amongst the customers. However, getting to know about the criteria for the right selection of the membrane switch, it becomes imperative therefore is to know what membrane switch is.

super big membrane switch

What Is A Metal Dome Membrane Switch?

Metal dome super big membrane switch is the metal snap dome or is a tactile metal dome. Both qualities comprise stainless steel by nature of production. Metal dome is a sort of a momentary switch contact system. It works hence just fine as that of a normal open tactile switch when we use it in conjunction. In this conjunction, the switch however becomes connected with any PCB, membrane, or flex circuit.

The best quality membrane switch domes that are available in the market are designed to work for at least one million cycles. The one million cycles rating sets the standards for international membrane dome switch domes. The standard dome switches that are available in international markets are of five major types. This includes:

  • Four-Legged Membrane Domes
  • Triangular Shape Membrane Domes
  • Round Shape Membrane Domes
  • Oblong Shape Membrane Domes
  • Custom Shape Membrane Domes

Characteristics of Dome Switches and Options

Shapes and sizes are the primary characteristics of the metal super big membrane switch.

Size for The Super Big Membrane Switch:

The size of the membrane super big membrane switch is available in diameters as well as the height of the membrane switch. The ultimate size of the membrane switch depends upon the size of the outer key shell that is desired for a specific application. the size of the dome varies from 6mm to 20mm. However, the height of the membrane switch ranges from 0.25mm to 1.45mm.

Common Shapes for The Super Big Membrane Switch and Specifications

As we have discussed the five types of metal super big membrane switch in the previous sections. However, the working capacity or specifications for each of the following the switch varies.

This thereby happens due to multiple factors. Furthermore, the sizes, as well as the force capacity for each switch, varies as per the types. Hence, below are the details of the size and the forces of common metal membrane dome switches.

Sr. No Types of Membrane Dome Switches Availability of the Sizes of the Membrane Dome Force Composition for Each Metal Membrane Dome
1 Four-legged Membrane Dome  

















2 Four-Legged Membrane Dome with Holes
3 Triangular Shaped Metal Membrane Dome
4 Round Shaped Metal Membrane Dome


Actuation Force:

The actuation force is the foremost feature and the critical characteristic that comes to the surface when it is about choosing the best membrane dome.

The actuation force, therefore, is also famous as trip forces. It is an ability of the switch that requires a minimum force to depress the dome switch. The actuation force is thereby measured in grams. It ranges thus from 40g to 2250g.

Dimple or Non-Dimple

For a variety of switches and domes that are available for several applications, there are, however, some dimples that we see on the switches.

These dimples are located at the center of the dome. On the top of the dome, the presence of the dimple thus is a small concave like feature. The depth of the domes varies from 0.2mm that makes it 0.008 of an inch.

Working Mechanism Behind the Metal Super Big Membrane Switch

The working principle for a metal super big membrane switch is very interesting and energetic. It involves basically the deformation of the metal dome switches. By this, it means the deformation in the switch causes the dual connection mode as to anode and cathode. When you press the key, the dual connections establish. This thereby is the way the switch works on. The descriptive mechanism of the working principle is as:

At first, you must place the metal dome switches on the power circuit board. This one can do by using a variety of means. However, the most recognizable method is by using pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes.

Additionally, in their modes of relaxation when they are not working the membrane switches sit on the primary pathway, precisely on the outer rims of the power circuit boards. Inside the primary pathway, there is a secondary pathway.

When upon press the switch lowers down in the cavity and makes a connection with the secondary pathways. This step ultimately results in closing the connection. After that, the switch performs the necessary task.

Advantages of Using the Metal Super Big Membrane Switch Dome

There are many advantages of using the metal super big membrane switch for your applications. The most figured-one areas:

  • The different customer design switch dome carries multiple shapes.
  • The metal dome membrane switches are well in contact with the power circuit boards and therefore carry low resistance.
  • The stable metal dome membrane switches ensure the uniform pressure no matter if used in multiple button panels.
  • Clear feedback comes to the user when they press it with a distinct hand feeling.
  • By positive feedback, it means that there is a clear audible as well as tactile-click experience they observe.
  • The metal membrane dome switch also offers an extremely reliable system of contact from the button to the circuit board.
  • The response system of the membrane dome switch is also very fast.
  • The button switches in membrane domes are light in weight as well as in profile. These switches thereby appear adjacent to the surface level.
  • The high-quality membrane switch domes carry the ability to resist the elements of moisture.
  • These switches furthermore are easy to shield.

How to Choose the Right Dome?

The engineers across the globe are working very keenly to cooperate and guide the customers and tech-brands to choose the best quality super big membrane switch.

They also guide the customers as to which one is the best switch for their desired application or the gadget. However, the decision itself is dependent upon the nature of the forces of a particular dome. It therefore could be soft as well as hard. Furthermore, for a more hand-n approach for the customers, the engineers make and guide them by creating the mock dome switch keypads pageanting a variety of options.

Furthermore, choosing the right membrane switch seems much of a daunting task. However, it is not as difficult as well as is very much straightforward than one can think of.

First of all, we understand that that the metal dome membrane switches are common switches and keypads for several applications that help in facilitate the electrical connections from the keypad to the product itself. Additionally, it helps in understanding how the user of the specific product initiates the specific electrical connection for a specific product.

super big membrane switch

It is the common observation and application that super big membrane switch is now integral to almost every other HMI machine. The human-machine interface device is now the pertinent part of every instrument. There is different membrane switch for different purposes.

Each switch is different for a different environment. Therefore, the selection of the right dome switch for each operation and each environment or condition is integral.

By this, it means that the user working in the industrial sector would be facing the large size dome switch with gloves wearing as safety measures.  Furthermore, the size of the dome, as well as the force, will be stronger for the ideal case.

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