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Tactile or Linear capacitive switch test equipment: Which is better?

Tactile or Linear capacitive switch test equipment: Which is better?

Jun 30, 2021

What exactly switches are?

Capacitive Test Equipment

Before we explain which types to choose from, let’s explain what SWITCHS are!

Switches are basically individual springs that have the function of translating keystrokes into actions on the computer. Switches are usually differentiated by color. And capacitive switch test equipment is highly beneficial to find out their faults.

Each color of switches represents a more specific function for keyboard actions. There are several brands of switches on the market; in this post we will only pay attention to the types and not the brands.

Types of SWITCHS triggers: Tactile or linear, which is better?

Tactile activation:

It is more focused on more sensory typing, that is, you will feel the key more precisely, this is something very good for those who play or for those who use typing a lot as this answer shows us that the typing was successful.

Linear Triggering:  

This is a quieter trigger, when pressed the key makes the precise movement to the end and returns to its original position in the same way.  However, if they don’t function properly, you can easily explore their performance by using proper capacitive switch test equipment.

Different designing types of capacitive switch test equipment


is the favorite in the market. It has a fast response and is more durable than a membrane keyboard. Moreover, it doesn’t take much pressure to activate the keys. It is a very comfortable and audible switch.

Ideal for those who like light keys, use a lot of typing and like the noise of mechanical keyboards


It has a linear configuration and low activation force, very good for FPS games but bad for MOBA games due to linear activation and the fact that it is a light switch with no tactile indicator that the command has been executed.

Because of this, missclick can occur when typing, but it is an extremely silent switch. But by using capacitive switch test equipment, you can solve this issue.

Essentially, this test equipment helps you to examine the quality of materials that have been used to construct these switches.

Ideal for you who play FPS, like soft keys, don’t like noise, don’t type a lot and don’t mind missclick


This switch is a compromise between blue and red, has tactile feedback and a trigger point smaller than blue, and is silent like red.

Very good for beginning gamers, for people who don’t like noise and who are looking for a balanced keyboard for games and work.


These are the “heavier” switches, the keys require a more intense tactile response. It is necessary to activate it until the end for the command to be registered. Black switches are the noisiest of all switches.

But before purchasing, make sure that these switches are created using perfect materials. It is only possible with the help of capacitive switch test equipment.

Ideal for those who have heavier typing, play different types of games


These are the top of the lines, the premium switches. It’s an improvement over red, extremely silent; its keys are smooth and precise. It promises a very high gaming and typing experience.

Now that you know the different types of SWITCHS, it’s time to choose the best keyboard that fits your preference

Differences between keyboards capacitive switch test equipment?

Do you know the differences between keyboard and which one to choose when buying?
There are 3 types of keyboards on the market today, which are:

  • mechanical keyboard,
  • membrane keyboard
  • and semi-mechanical keyboard.

But which one to choose, what’s the difference?

Mechanic keyboard

As the name implies, the mechanical keyboard has an individual mechanism for each key, which are called switches, which are composed of a spring and a switch.


Switches can have different singularities (soon an explanatory post about switches) and is capable of providing different typing experiences for those who use them. But they can only work ideally if the switches are damage-free; always check their working capabilities by using capacitive switch test equipment.

Capacitive switch test equipment secures keyboard from moisture

This equipment actually makes sure that your switches are not influenced by the diffusion of vapor and moisture or not.

Another peculiarity about mechanical keyboards is the sound feedback, a sound that is emitted every time a key is pressed. However, mechanical keyboard switches can also offer tactile feedback, higher or lower activation distances and even customization according to the user’s taste.

Comes with an anti-ghosting effect
As the mechanical keyboard uses individual mechanism for each key, they have anti-ghosting (“Ghosting” or “ghost” effect is when a command on the keyboard does not work correctly when several keys are pressed simultaneously.

Another advantage of mechanical keyboards is that they have a longer lifespan than other types of keyboards.

Membrane Keyboard

Membrane keyboards use a silicone membrane or similar material that is between the keys and closes the system the circuit that sends commands to the PC.

So, keep testing their fragility by continuously using capacitive switch test equipment.

They are cheaper than mechanical models

One of the qualities of membrane keyboards is accessibility; they are much cheaper than mechanical models. For this reason, they are the most popular and easiest to find in most homes and offices.

Semi-mechanical keyboard

This option promises to be a compromise between the previous 2 keyboards.
There are different types of semi-mechanical keyboards, from those that combine the worst of the other 2 such as membrane actuation and mechanic noise, and even those that mix membrane actuation with mechanical actuation on the WSAD keys and the directional keys used in games.
What is the best keyboard type?

Now that we’ve got a definition of all keyboard types, let’s talk about the best keyboard type to buy.
Mechanical keyboards offer more options for those who type a lot or play games on the PC, but when it comes to price, they are not the cheapest on the list.

Moreover, you can easily find out all their functioning issues by using a perfect kit of capacitive switch test equipment.

You will buy a mechanical keyboard because you want it, not because you need one.

Having software testing tools at your disposal when developing a project is important to make everything happen according to expectations. And it’s the ongoing testing that will make the system work properly when it’s deployed and running at full throttle in your company’s day-to-day business.

The tests ensure that the software undergoes adjustments and maintenance while it is still possible to detect failures. If errors appear when the software is already running, a large part of the work will have to be redone, which delays the full implementation of the new system and can bring losses due to the suspension of processes.

In addition, there are capacitive switch test equipment and automation techniques that is easy to facilitate these verification steps. Check out everything on the subject below!

When to test automation?

First of all, software testing needs to be carried out in accordance with the software requirements specifications. This is an essential document for estimating project costs, development timelines, modeling and prototyping.

Software requirements are critical to ensuring good system performance. Furthermore, it is through them that the development team will realize the need for system maintenance and analyze the impact of the necessary changes.

 Why use capacitive switch test equipment?

Automating software testing is an activity that deserves attention, as the quality of the final product totally depends on it. The process is somewhat repetitive, as it is necessary to make adjustments, test, and readjust and so on. However, it is possible to do this in an innovative way.


Therefore, it is recommended to use capacitive switch test equipment. In addition to optimizing the work of the developer team, see what other issues they can help with:

capacitive switch test equipment 2021

  • They provide security and reliability to the product;
  • Optimize resource management throughout the project;
  • Avoid excessive manual work;
  • They identify problems of different orders;
  • Offer timely time to make repairs;
  • They guarantee feedback throughout the development process;
  • They can yield a large volume of data ;
  • Help check results and settings;
  • They guarantee a safety net for the system;
  • Help improve ROI.


Another reason to automate software testing is that there are many different types of tests to be performed, which can make the manual task more complex and time-consuming.

What are the capacitive switch test equipment available?

The testing process is optimized with software aimed at optimizing the management of company resources, detecting and correcting performance and integration problems with other company systems.

For this, some of the capacitive switch test equipment that can be used are:


This capacitive switch test equipment is open source and can support virtually all programming languages. It can also run tests on native, hybrid or even cross-platform applications.


Therefore, the stage of carrying out these performance tests takes place during software development.

Still, it also serves to avoid financial losses and loss of credibility if the software malfunctions after it’s ready.

If you just want a simpler keyboard and don’t want to spend a lot, a membrane keyboard is a great choice for you. There are several good options on the market, many great for gamers.


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