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Top Silicone rubber keypad manufacturer china 2021

Top Silicone rubber keypad manufacturer china 2021

Oct 28, 2021

Causes of silicone rubber keypad malfunction

It’s hard to imagine a personal computer or laptop without a keypad. This is because it is an integral device for their operation. As soon as the keypad for some reason fails, the shortage of this component immediately affects the work at the computer. In practice, the computer becomes meaningless, that is, without silicone rubber keypad manufacturer china.
Silicone rubber keypad manufacturer china

This happens quite often. If you drink tea or coffee, you accidentally fill your keypad. Sometimes a spoonful of liquid is enough for some keys to refuse to work. Sometimes trash that gets between the keys also leads to bad consequences. It builds up and causes the keypad to malfunction.

Can you repair silicone rubber keypad?

If something like this happened to you, then do not rush to go to the store to buy a new keypad. We recommend that you first try to repair the old one yourself. Is it possible to troubleshoot the input device? Can you do the repair yourself? We will give answers to these and other questions in this article.

As you know, such devices have different shapes. They also have additional keys with the corresponding functionality. And if we, for example, take the same multimedia Silicone rubber keypad manufacturer china, which has a lot of special keys in the upper part, we will feel that it is very convenient to work with it.

What if several keys refuse to work

However, what if several keys refuse to work? Of course, all problems can be solved with a new keypad. However, you need to remember that any purchase for you will result in unforeseen expenses. And why do you need it?

IMPORTANT! Why waste money when given the opportunity to get your old device repaired? We assure you that you will succeed. But first you need to prepare a soldering iron, a Phillips screwdriver, a tester. You also need to read about how other users solve such problems.

Five Reasons for Keypad Failure

How to proceed to fix the keypad Photo 1

  1. The keypad itself is corny broke. This happens quite rarely. Usually the reasons for refusal are different. We’ll talk about them later.
  2. It is possible that the port for the ps / 2 Silicone rubber keypad manufacturer chinahas burned out. This is also rare. However, this option should not be overlooked either.
  3. You may have simply misplaced your ps / 2 keypad in the port.
  4. If you have a wireless keypad, drivers may not be supplied for it. The battery may have run out.
  5. The keypad is blocked by a virus. This is hard to believe. However, as soon as such suspicions appear, it is necessary to organize a scan of the computer with an antivirus with support for a computer mouse.

If the problem is in a separate button How the keys work?

It also happens that the user accidentally pressed the keys on the keypad. As a result, the device refuses to work. If this happens, then check if there are any obstacles to the buttons. If the problem is in a separate button, then with a high probability we can say that it broke. Then the easiest way is to buy a new data entry tool.

The first step is to look at the key that has come off. There are 4 special grooves on the inside of the button. They are so that you can attach the buttons to the keypad. And on the Silicone rubber keypad manufacturer china itself you can see a device made of white plastic. It looks like a double frame, along the edges of which there are special protrusions. They are for button grooves.

Special ears are provided on the keypad.

Sometimes the button crashes from the fact that it is pressed very hard. Moreover, together with the fastening frame. Then the situation will be somewhat different for you. A frame will be attached to the button on the inside. There are 3 mounts on the keypad. One mount will be large. But, besides him, there will also be a couple of small mounts.

If you take the large Shift or Enter keys, then they all have a spring metal element. And to fix it, special ears are provided on the keypad. IMPORTANT! Here’s some good advice: don’t try to put the button on the super glue. It doesn’t make any sense. It will come off very quickly.

The keypad does not work entirely

You can understand why a breakdown occurred when you observe how the LEDs work. And they are usually located in the upper right corner of the device. When the Silicone rubber keypad manufacturer china is in good working order, then all 3 lights will surely flash and go out when you restart the computer.

When this does not happen, then your actions should be like this. Arm yourself with a multimeter or some other testers, ring the cable. This work is carried out as follows. We turn the device over, take a screwdriver and unscrew all the screws holding the lid. In front of you you will see a “tape” with many tracks.

Wires are not causing the device to break down

If even one “vein” does not ring out, the defective wire will have to be replaced. You can try to bite off the part of the wire that is located at the place of passage into the keypad case with pliers. Suppose you have established that the wires are not causing the device to break down.

This means with a high probability that there is a problem in the microcircuit. So go to the store and buy a new keypad. It is possible that the problem is in the connector itself. Then inspect carefully. If the legs are bent, align them. Do this with a thin, hard object.

The keypad is functional, but not fully functional

Do not allow liquid to spill onto the keypad from the computer. Even if you like beer or coffee while working. Otherwise, if the keypad gets wet, some buttons may fail, or even the entire keypad. Please note that the Silicone rubber keypad manufacturer china will partially deteriorate even when it is subjected to strong mechanical stress.

You have spilled your favorite coffee on the input device. In this situation, you need to immediately disconnect the gadget from the computer. And patiently wait for it to dry out. Fully. If after that several buttons have become unusable, you need to do so.

Repair any keypad that has been spilled with liquid

Please note that it makes sense for a novice user to take a photo of how the keys are located. Then it will be easier to collect. Put the keys aside and then turn the keypad over. We unscrew the screws that hold the cover. There will be a dozen of them. We remove the cover and the film with tracks.
Silicone rubber keypad manufacturer china 2021

wipe it with a cotton swab, having previously moistened it in alcohol. We are waiting for the film to dry. Fully. Removing trash from the Silicone rubber keypad manufacturer china. Then we dip the cotton wool in alcohol and wipe the space under the keys with it. And now you have to collect everything in the reverse order. This will repair any keypad that has been spilled with liquid.

Conclusion Silicone rubber keypad manufacturer

IMPORTANT! Cleaning the keypad on a laptop is almost the same as our method. The only difference is that the keypad mounts on the laptop may be in a different place. That is, on top of the latches, in front of the screen, and not on the bottom of the screws.


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