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5 Highly Useful Capacitive Test Equipment: Perfect for all Tests

5 Highly Useful Capacitive Test Equipment: Perfect for all Tests

Jun 19, 2021

How testing equip will help you to test the properties of different materials?

As you know membrane switches are actually low-power electrical switches that use graphite or silver-impregnated ink to work properly. But it is really important to know whether they are working properly or not. Hence, you can easily check their performance by using proper capacitive test equipment.

Capacitive Test Equipment

Basically, this equipment helps to check the properties of materials that membrane switch manufacturers use in the construction of membrane switches. They check these switches whether have badly been influenced by the diffusion of moisture and vapor or not.

Let’s get started to read helpful information about several kinds of test equipment. They are very useful for detecting any faults related to your membrane, etc.

What are the general uses of membrane switches?

A membrane switch uses a plastic substrate, as well as various adhesive layers, are assembled to compose it. But manufacturers use a graphic overlay to give them an attractive finish.

These switches actually have designed to occur following benefits like;

  • ease of cleaning,
  • environmental sealing,
  • low profile,
  • as well as the ability to create a visually attractive interface.

Generally, you can notice the usage of membrane switches in modern kitchen appliances, coffee machines, and the latest cooking machines at home, and so on.

Types of damages that capacitive test equipment can check

Usually, capacitive test equipment is helpful to check several kinds of damages. In fact, membrane switches can get damages by many environmental hazards such as humidity and moisture.

They will swell so their functional ability will destroy and other mechanical properties will also be damage. Moreover, they will also lose their physical strength, and hence their electrical properties will not be able to perform their specific functions.

Here we are providing you the most useful types of equipment for testing membrane switches. In fact, these are highly beneficial to save you from several hazardous.

What are the 5 types of capacitive test equipment?

The 5 most useful capacitive test equipment are:

  1. Belt-Pack Transmitter
  2. LED & Keyboard Switch Test System
  3. Watertight Belt-Pack Transmitter
  4. Keypad Test system
  5. Membrane Switch Tester

Belt-Pack Transmitter

You can easily configure this LMB transmitter in order to operate it as a one-touch device. Further, it works with the help of a single power on/off switch on its top panel. On the other hand, you can also work with full access to all operational parameters with the help of the LCD interface and the side panel membrane switches.

Moreover, you can also configure its top panel switch in order to provide a talkback or mute function.

LED & Keyboard Switch Test System

This capacitive test equipment has model 913H. Further, this LED and keyboard test system is extremely cost-effective. It is highly responsive as well as provides a generic switch test platform.

It is a NIST traceable device. This system is not only useful for testing a complete keyboard but also helps to test the keypad and individual switch panel.

Furthermore, it is ideal testing equipment to perform 100% testing acceptance, incoming inspection, as well as engineering development of;

  • keypads
  • keyboards
  • membranes
  • general-purpose switches,
  • micro switches
  • snap-action switches,
  • LEDs, cables
  • and seven-segment displays.

Watertight Belt-Pack Transmitter:

This testing tool has specially designed to test membrane switches that have to face dusty and wet environments. Additionally, this capacitive test equipment consists of;

  • O-ring sealed battery compartments,
  • input jack,
  • a compression sealed antenna port,
  • as well as a gasket sealed control panel and back cover.


Basically, its dual AA batteries have the capability to provide you twice the operating time of initial watertight transmitter designs. It is ideal testing equipment for larger control panels and membrane switches and a highly visible backlit LCD that enhances a perfect user interface.

Keypad Test system:

This special capacitive test equipment has fully been designed for users that want to get economical testing solutions. Moreover, it is extremely user-friendly so can be used as a full-featured tester for membrane switch assemblies.

In this testing tool, manufacturers have actually used an idea to bond a small but effective smart “pod” with a PC running software. Basically, this smarter pod has the ability to make full use of the Windows graphical interface.

Hence, this idea is working very well as it makes an easy setup to test membrane switches. Additionally, it includes all the helpful features that you actually need. This testing system has an ideal speed that is generally 10 times much faster as compared to other testing equipment.

Additionally, it has a resistance measurement range of 10M Ohms to 20M Ohms. In fact, forwarding voltage and reverse leakage current make it highly preferable to choose as a piece of capacitive test equipment.

When you compare this ideal testing piece to other kinds of testing devices, you will definitely find it the best testing tool as compared to others.

Membrane Switch Tester:

Basically, this B831 membrane switch testing tool is a perfect tool for testing

  • switch panels
  • keyboards
  • membrane keypad assemblies.

Further, this test equipment has perfectly designed for achieving high accuracy with the best speed. It provides full quality control traceability for your peace of mind. This test equipment will also be ideal for LEDs, keypad, keyboard, and switch panel testing.

It has a multilingual interface with an easy way of processing. Actually, it allows you for a quick rework and gives you helpful feedback according to the nature and position of the fault.

It stores all important results in the format of a standard database as it allows further error-free production as well as offers quality control in order to record test results. Moreover, all the results are useful to analyze for AQL.

Additional features of Membrane Switch Tester:

It will right to say that membrane switch test is highly advantageous capacitive test equipment as it also has several more benefits such as;

  1. It is much faster and extremely easy to develop a setup to test.
  2. You can easily check any type of membrane switch.
  3. It perfectly provides different levels of Password protection not only for operators but also for users.
  4. You don’t need any special adjustments for switches as it will give you to deeply concentrate on the panel that you are testing.
  5. You can start your new test with a footswitch. Hence, enjoy hands-free testing.

How can you make a new setup for testing membrane switches or keypads?

Come with us to know how can you program your new setup for testing membrane switches or keypads?

In fact, it is very easy, so let’s start!

Step #1:

First of all, you need to plug your membrane, keyboard, or keypad into the capacitive test equipment that you are going to use.

Step #2:

In the next step, you will have to click on “Learn”.

After clicking, you will get all types of common “Short” connections and any LED. You will obviously display all the results on the screen.

Step #3:

Further, in this step, there is a need to push all the key switches/buttons and your testing device will provide all results on-screen table. In fact, if you want then adjust all the resistance values to the thresholds according to your product specification.

Step #4:

Now you will have to copy a specific picture of your product onto the computer screen. Basically, your GIF, jpeg, or BMP must be fine as well as your drawing package must have the capability to produce it.

Step #5:

In this step, you will select the “Visual” screen. Further, there is a need to click the mouse on the picture to tell the system where all the LEDs and buttons are present on the screen. They will be shown using different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Step #6:

Now type in your instruction that you actually want that the operator must read before the testing membrane, keypads, keyboards, etc.

Step #7:

In the last step, you will obviously type in the specific part number and click save. Make sure that your information is properly saved on your computer.
Capacitive Test Equipment 2021

Why does your capacitive test equipment use a footswitch and make sounds?

Basically, perfect capacitive test equipment will always help you to find any error easily.

It uses a footswitch and makes sounds so that you can completely keep your eyes and hands on the panel that you want deeply testing.

Hence, by using a proper testing tool, you will only look at the screen. But if your testing tool has found any error in your membrane or keypad, you will know it with the help of a specific sound.

Moreover, this special sound will also totally guide you where you are in a test and what is the result of this test.

Hence, you will be able to use a mouse or a keyboard in order to start testing your new batch or if you have found a faulty panel. In fact, you can start each new test with the help of a footswitch.

You can simply push it once during the whole test. It will actually help you to confirm that you have fitted the correct color LEDs.


Hence, if you want to test all your membranes, keyboards, and keypads, etc. perfectly then you will always need to choose suitable capacitive test equipment. A good testing tool must have the ability to test between 500 and 1000 average panels in a whole day.

In fact, all the above types of testing equipment are ideally used in testing as they provide perfect analysis. Furthermore, they are ideally useful for your membrane switches, keyboards, keypads, and so on.


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