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What is Custom silicon keypads made of? (Major Advantages of keypads)

What is Custom silicon keypads made of? (Major Advantages of keypads)

Dec 12, 2020

Ultimate Guide to Silicone Buttons Functions and Performance

All the keypads are not made of plastics. In the recent years, the advancements in technology have move the attention to better things. Therefore, keypads have silicone rubber design. These keypads are named as custom silicon keypads.

These keypads have a definite comfortable design. They are vastly in use in the recent years. So they have found their application in a lot of devices. They seem to be fit and reasonable to provide the advanced features desired by the customers.

What is keypads/Silicon buttons made of?

The silicon keypads are the advanced type of keypads. They are made of silicon rubber. The big advantage of these keypads is that they are flexible. Moreover, they are soft to touch. When we press the custom silicon keypads, they deform in the shape.

While they regain their original shape when we release the pressure from them. In this way, they provide a better and effective keypad as compared to the classic ones.

The silicon rubber keypads have many advantages over the traditional plastic keypads. One of them is the flexibility and softness of the silicon rubber keypad. When we press the key on the silicon rubber keypad, it compresses and deforms to the inward direction. On the other hand, it comes back to its original shape and pops up to regain the original context.

This deformation of the keypad is very crucial in order to demonstrate the keypress operation. In this way, the customer’s user experience increases and becomes adaptive. This process prevents the customer to commit mistakes and errors during the keypress operation.

Moreover, the custom silicon keypads come in a variety of shapes and designs. These shapes and designs are the perfect source of attraction for the customers. We can fabricate keypads can be fabricated using the laser etching.

In this process, the controlled laser beam removes the upper layer from the silicon rubber keypads. This characterizes the creation of the beautiful and elegant colors and attractive motifs. This process makes these silicon rubber keypads unique.
Custom silicon keypads

How do custom silicon keypads work?

There are various and different methods to fabricate the silicon rubber keypads. But the most of these kinds have some features and characteristics in common. One of the fundamental part of the silicon keypads is the silicon rubber button. Below this switch button, an electrical contact is present. This electrical contact has a space later between the button and itself.

When we press the silicon rubber keypad, there connection establishes between the electrical contacts of the buttons. Thus, the connection between the electrical contacts narrates the custom silicon keypad device that a key press has occurred.

Advantages of Silicon Rubber keypads

These silicon rubber keypads have many advantages over the traditional keypads. They have numerous features that make them unique and exceptional in their performance and working. They have a design framework that is durable in the harsh conditions.

Moreover, they can withstand the controversial conditions and harsh environments. This is the reason, they are beneficial to use in many industries like construction and control panels of many devices.

Due to this capability of the silicon rubber keypads, they have an extraordinary use in the industrial work. The reason is that their performance and functionality is not affected from the harsh conditions of the environment. If they become in contact with any fluid or chemical, they don’t lose their functioning.

Let in the medical industry, they face contact with many fluids and chemicals and water. But they remain in the normal functioning. This property makes them the better choice for your product.

Plastic Silicon keypads

However, the custom silicon keypads can be made of rubber of plastic. Both are the important ingredients of the keypads. But there is variation of their use according to the required conditions.

The plastic keycaps are beneficial if we want to have attractive motifs and looks. They allow the lightning designs and shiny look. Moreover, they are more adaptive in the environments with the low light.

Rubber custom silicon keypads

On the other hand, the rubber keycaps are advantageous when we want the soft and flexible look for our keypads. Silicon rubber keypads have a tactile look. They have an advantage that they are more adaptive to the feedback and user experience.

They show the inward compression on the key press and outward lift when we release the key. That is why they inhibit and reduce the chances of errors and mistakes.

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

The custom silicon keypads are composed of the circuit boards. These circuit boards are the control units of the product. They determine the functioning of the keypads. They are commonly known as printed circuit boards (PCB).

The most common sorts of PCBs are copper soldered PCBS. They have copper soldering on which the electronic components are present in the circuit.

Functioning of custom silicon keypads

An inert layer controls the functioning of the keypad. This inert layer is present within the keypad design. In fact, there is a space later between this inert layer and silicon button. When the user presses the button of the keypad, the contacts of the button and cavity connect.

In this way, the keypress operation goes to the device. If the user does not press the key appropriately, the contacts between the silicon button and layer do not connect. Thus the device does not recognize any keypress activity.

Custom silicon keypads company

Lighting Feature

Another advantageous and beneficial feature of the custom silicon keypads is the lighting feature. The lighting feature enables the silicon rubber keypads to be used in many industrial applications.

This property of these keypads is beneficial for their use in the situations where light availability is low. In these circumstance, the silicon rubber keypads have the lighting function implanted within them.

This lighting property of the silicon rubber keypads helps in the incorporating the backlighting in the keypads. This helps in the illumination of the icons on the keypad. As a result, the function of every silicon button becomes clear and visible to the user.

Long Lasting Performance of custom silicon keypads

The silicon rubber keypads are famous for their long lasting functionality and performance. They are durable and persistent in the harsh and severe conditions of climate and environment. They can withstand the tough and harsh conditions.

Moreover, they do not lose their functioning on becoming in contact with the fluids, chemicals and water. This makes them the better choice for your product’s long term functioning and performance.

It is to be noted that the tactile feature of the custom silicon keypad is optional according to the condition. They keypads may be tactile or non-tactile. However, there are multiple verities of both silicon rubber keypads, either they are tactile or non-tactile.

Metal domes

The important point to consider during the design of the silicon rubber keypad is the determination of force. We have to determine the amount of force in the shorting period. For this purpose, the use of metal domes is the most fundamental and accurate process.

The silicon rubber keypads in which the metal domes work, lack the diaphragms in the circuit. Moreover, the metal domes are more sensitive to the force operations.

They are the best choice for the production and implantation of the tactile property in the custom silicon keypads. There is only one limitation of the use of metal domes. They are sometimes not able to use due to the size issues.


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