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Backlighting Membrane Switches means that there is a light source from the backside to light the graphic overlay and provide the indication information to users or when the product used in the night or dark environment it can light the graphic and make the users or workers make buttons press operation correctly and avoid pressing wrong buttons.

There are several types of backlighting ways for the membrane switches. They are:
 LED backlighting membrane switches
 EL lamp backlighting membrane switches
 LGF(Light Guide Film) backlighting membrane switches
 Fiber backlighting membrane switches (seldom used nowadays due to their complex manufacturing process and very high cost. It has been replaced by EL lamp backlighting and LGF backlighting technology

For the LED backlighting keypads, the graphic overlay lighted by the backside LEDs assembled on the flex or rigid circuit layer. In this way, it is very simple and also economical.
But it couldn’t get an even lighting effect on the surface. For this backlighting method, the LEDs can be assembled under centered buttons also can be assembled beside the buttons or other areas. For the products need each button to be backlighted, usually design the LEDs under the center of the buttons, then use the center holed metal domes and print transparent color on the graphic overlay.

Parameter reference (based on the actual product):

brandLuPhi/LuphiTouchProcessing customizationyes
Key lifespan≥ 1 million timesRebound time6ms
working voltage<35V (DC)Working current≤ 100mA
contact resistance0.5~10 ΩWorking resistance40 Ω~500 Ω
insulation resistance>100M Ω 250V DCSubstrate pressure resistance2kDVC
working temperature-25 ℃~+80 ℃Atmospheric pressure86~106kPa
Waterproof technologyIP65-IP67LGF/LED/ELSupport customization
Product CertificationISO9001:2015Applicable scopeMedical equipment, industrial control, transportation, instrumentation, household appliances, electronic entertainment, testing equipment, communication equipment
typeMembrane switchUsing MaterialsPC/PET/PVC/Acrylic/Anti static
3C rated voltage range440V and belowProtective functionWaterproof and anti-static
Monthly production capacity2000000PCSProduct processscreen printing
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