PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

Our Circuit Board PCB Assembly Capabilities

LUPHITOUCH has our PCB assembly factory for SMT/SMD assembly, through-hole, and mixed technology PCB assembly. BGA down to 0.25mm pitch, 0201 component placements, and leadless device assembly can also be available. As one of professional PCB assembly manufaturers, we also do integrated assemblies and turnkey PCB assembly for our customers. From electronics design, mechanical design, drawings making, tool making, electronics components sourcing and suggestion, plastic, metal, rubber, membrane keypad, wire harness, LCD, touchscreen, etc. Sourcing and assembly, final testing, and shipping. Our own PCBA factory is certified by ISO9001 and ISO14001. Our PCBA manufacturing service focus on prototypes to mid-volume production.

What kind of PCB assembly we can do?

For PCB printed circuit board, it is conventional rigid PCB. That means the electric circuit layer will be etched by laser machine, while coating with insulation printing, complete a basic electric circuit on resin substrate. Another one, some of required electric parts ,such as diodes, audions , capacitances,risistances,some of integrated chips even LED SMD light, fixed on it. Like this, the mainboard will become an integrated control module unit. Added with burned running programme, it will become more and more automation and intelligent !

Sometimes ,such control module unit can work with membrane switch together, become User interface, so that offer more convenience and security to the end users better. By operating membrane switch, will control a big size machine to do some intelligent works, this will be our contributions for machinical and industry field,

In some condition, customer need more high grade control panel to control equipments and devices, they maybe need a capacitive membrane touch panel to do some actions, we suggest that we will come this module unit with membrane touch screen, as long as using finger to touch the designed area, the equipment or device will execute some actions automatically. likes this , most of applications is selected by household and appliances field .

Materials for Rigid PCB Assembly

For the rigid printed circuit board (PCB), the materials are usually FR-4, High TG FR4, Halogen Free Material, Rogers, Arlon, PTFE, Taconic, Isola, Ceramics, Aluminum, Copper base, etc. It is rigid and has very good support features. Due to it being rigid so it also couldn’t be bent for some special application. Also due to its rigid capability, it has the best reliability and is also easy for the components assembly. The rigid PCB can be single-layer or multilayer. Multilayers is applied for some of high technology fields, its requests is very much high, and also is more precision.  that is micrio chip manufacturing, even to accurate to a few naometer settings for our smart controlling, it has 30 layers over, just likes the big building constructure. I mean PCB assembly can be multilayers structure, blongs to rigid silicon technology.

Our Circuit Board Assembly Services Including:

  • Sourcing PCB assemblies and FPC from our ISO9001 certified partners
  • LUPHITOUCH Print the Silver PET Circuit by Ourself
  • Engineering Design Support(Including Design Gerber Drawings)
  • Components and materials suggestions
  • PCB Board shaping Workshop
  • SMT/PTH Assembly
  • AOI Checking
  • Functions Testing

Manufacturing Equipment for PCB Assemblies

3 advanced SMT lines, 2 THT lines, silk screen printer, reflow oven, wave soldering, cleaning system, BGA rework station, AOI, cleaning system.

Lead-free PCB Assembly(RoHS Compliance)

In light of environmental concerns and customer requests, we can offer lead-free PCB assembly which complies with RoHS standards.

Burning Program and In-Circuit Test (ICT)

We are in-depth experience with decoding and burning programs for you. A related test frame will be built to ensure products work effectively according to your requirements.

If you need the above membrane switch and membrane touch panel , please click here or email here, expect you to work today !