interface panels

About Interface Panels

About Interface Panels

What’s Interface Panels ?

This Interface Panel ,which mean a operation panel from person and machine, though it , human can operate a machine or device so easily. Its philosophy is using some of electric circuit’s open and closure ,or signal pulse to  make a machine or device to work.

As a kind of high technology product, it has its own advantage, which is either convenient or secuirity. instead of traditional machenical switch which need some personal machenical actions to do when you want to control the machine or device. In additional, added with more functions and features if customer need their special application for a machine and device in their project. So they will blong to customized User Interface.

As What we say , which is an simply application for user interface panel , it  can only control a machine or device’s start and stop. Person can have an action downwoard press, electric circuit will be closure at once.  Then a signal pulse sent to central controller, after controller receive the signal pulse, will give machine a stop and start signal, makes a machine or device work normally. If involved of more complex applications for user interface panel, which need come with more complicated electric circuits design and printed , even Integrated PCB Assembly.

What is the hierarchy of Interface Panel ?

Touch Screen Panel Control System

Customer’s requirements is what we look after forever

Different customer need different requirements, they will choose different hierarchy of user interface panel, mostly is decided by interface panel applications, some of them can be commonly used for different fields. but customized products are most in common, because customer always keep improving proformance of machine or device, so they hope user interface panel to have more functions and features to control a machie or device in convenient and simply. This decides that we need a good interface operation panel to complete some of automation actions. More functions and complex progromme need us to design and develop.

Luphi Tech, as one of professional switch control technology company, it has a strong force is advantage of circuit design, embed design and development, printed circuit and box build etc. Since we have sophisticated desinger, senior programme developer, advanced production equipments and rigid management system etc.

Of course , Custom interface panel require unique design and functions customized to meet customer’s special requirements. Something like these projects, we can provide more professional service to our customers, too.