OCA Assemblies: High-quality Services -

OCA Assemblies: High-quality Services

OCA Assemblies: High-quality Services

LuphiTouch Provide OCA Lamination Assemblies Service

LTGO0077 is a thin film panel that Luphi Electronics produces for American customers. We offer the best OCA Assemblies services. It has an OCA on the back of the window and PC optical lens,which should be imported panel material, with scratch-resistant Autoflex series PET.

 So let me introduce what material is OCA , and its features before provide our service for OCA Assemblies

Optical Adhesive Films are thin films, which have the ability to form into any type of protective sheet that you want. They come with different properties that are important in industrial and household uses.  Some of them are discussed below. Since it has a very fine coating it can avoid any sort of damage from dirt and dust. The film can be easily cleaned with just soap and water.

Sealing against heat

As we all know heat is one of the biggest enemy of adhesive films. Sealing films can prevent heat transfer from coming into contact with objects. Light emission rate is very high with Optical Clear Adhesive (OCA). So be its solid surface, oil or water, with the least light transmission speed, OCA is the cure. When you find most of the objects are coated with some sort of adhesive or plastic film. This film is also resistant to acid attacks.

High resistance to moisture

Especially in food packaging industry, this film can resist moisture for longer periods of time than any other possible film. These films can also resist high temperatures and extreme pressures. Some of the chemicals that OCA is usually used for are water-soluble adhesives, solvents, oils and acrylics. OCA is mostly used for bonding and sealing purposes.

Long shielding life

When using OCA you don’t have to worry about changing your adhesive films frequently. You can easily use them for many years together without having to worry about their effectiveness. This property of OCA is used all over the world in many fields. From automotive and construction to food packaging and medical devices industries.

Better adhesive bond

It has better bond especially when we talk about products with high friction and usage level. The OCA is very easy to use and has better adhesion properties. The film can also withstand extreme temperature variation, can handle pressure and is able to maintain its quality for a long time.

No post flow problems

This film has no post flow limitations. It can be easily applied even on curved surfaces. It can also work well with polyethylene and vinyl and other related materials. It’s clear that OCA doesn’t have any restriction for applying it on different objects.

Better adhere adhesion

There are more than hundred unique OCA bonding agents which make it better than other possible adhesive media available in the market. It’s also more durable than other known adhesive. It can resist heat, abrasion and chemical treatments. Its anti-stagnant quality allows the document to be used in any environment. Its anti-reflective property makes it work well with light and fluorescent.

UV stabilization

It also has the UV stabilization feature. It works well to safeguard documents from harmful ultraviolet rays. So, it will not be affected by UV rays. It can work with any type of document.

Vibrant and bright white

OCA is extensively used for signage and also used as labels in food products like dairy products, milk and juice, etc. They are applied in outdoor and indoor environments as well. The vibrant and bright white color make it easy to recognize and read. It has excellent scratch resistance. It is water, heat and moisture resistant as well. The fact that it can be applied on smooth and flat surfaces makes it popular for use in food packaging and household items.

Low cost

There is a very low cost involved in making a film and therefore it can be bought by the masses. It is also low cost , compared to other sticky papers like paints and adhesives. The fact that you do not have to worry about its quality and also that you can create different designs with it makes it attractive. It can be bought from any store and you can customize the design yourself. You can use it for almost everything.

LuphiTouch Provide High Quality OCA Laminatioln Service

Luphitouch import The back glue, 3M glue. Also, we laminate OCA on the back of the window with a thickened single-sided hardened optical grade PC lens. Luphi Electronics has the only high-grade dust-free and anti-static clean room in the industry, with OCA vacuum laminator and deaerator. It can provide customers with various value-added services of window OCA laminating PC lens.

Of course You have not any difficulty to image that, if one customer need a custom membrane switch for their project. He demand this membrane switch , being carry with a window , is full of the glass piece or PC optical lens.  Because he need have any function for this window, can protect any system controller display panel.  The window should be transparent, clear , dust-clear, water-proof and contamination by spraying oil sometime.

We can meet special customer requirements for their project, because we have either worker-skilled techinician or advanced lamination equipments , complete their task according to customer demands .

Therefore, it makes us to have many aspects for consideration, and resolve this question better.

So For more information on OCA Lamination Assemblies services, contact us today.