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What is User Interface ?

User Interface means A machine can have an interactive movement and communication with human/User , by though computer system, to complete user’s task and some of willing. simple speaking, it is a kind media material, communicated well between human/user and machine !

As a good user interface, which require easy to operate, understandable and high effective working. It should execute each action from the system correctly, and perform its action , to finish each order that user send to the system or pragramme. If need user interface to complete these things correctly, so we will need more strict programme to do all actions.

user interface

How to make a good user interface ?

1. Hardware devices and associated parts selected

you know that , a user interface is comprised of a few of main components. Include of processor, touch display unit, communiction port and cable, input unit and memory unit. Whether its processor run is so faster, display unit quality means graphic, icons letters display so clear. in addtional , its memery unit will decide if it can storage and memery much data , so that can execute the corret orders .

2. Operation System Edited

A user interface can correct execute the order input by user, this will be decided by system. The system is a loader, which can upload the data , and execute the orders , aim to complete running an action. So the system is crucial ! It need be edited and tested by experience-well  enigneers and codeman. Then take into the fact ! if the system is so well, it will transit the orders from user to processor rightly, and make the processor to run normally, otherwise, neither processor can run smoothly nor the order can be transited , lead to all actions can’t execute basicly.

In a summery , A user interface is good or bad will decicde work effeciency, it will impact the cost of production. Whenever, it is so great important !

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