Backpanel Membrane Switches

Backpanel Membrane Switches

Backpanel Membrane Switches

FPC back panel and PCB backpanel membrane switches

The membrane switch or membrane keypads are all flexialbe, therefore it is possible to assemble them on top of a fixed panel and bracket on the equipment, or device. But sometimes it needs a back support panel to enhance its solidity, or at customer end machine there is a cabinet and need install the keypad onto fixed panel of the machine or device by the screws. Under such kind of application, the membrane keypad with the back panel and even with screws are necessary. This type is called as backpanel membrane switch,  something like that as the following.

Firsty , such as flexiable fpc backpanel membrane switch as illumination by the bellow pictures

It can be fixed on top of back panel by sticking the whole membrane switch completely,build a simple interactive platform between humen and machine. Such kind of user interface or HMI can be operated simply and easily.  It is also security, electricity shock accident never ocurred, due to the bottom layer is made of 3M adhesive layer , which is insulation. Therefore, its work efficiency is so higher.

Secondly , Stiff PCB backpanel membrane switch as showing by the bellow pictures

Such as this kind of membrane switch or control panel, its electric circuit printed on PCB board directly. its down circuit layer includes of dome buttons layer and PCB circuit layer, at same time, buid a complex interactive control platform between persone and machine. Sometimes, some of customer need dozen arrays control key to control a machine or device, so it should need a complex computering programme to control the machine and device. So PCB or box building assembly to solve the problem.  Designer will design water proof washer to prevent water and damp moisture from air and spraying. To be convenient to fix the user interface solidly, they added some screwing bolts on the PCB board so that it can be fixed on a support panel . In additional, they use seperated pins contact terminal, instead of traditional tail FPC terminal connect strip.

 In Summary, two type backpanel membrane switches have their own advantage and disvantage each other. We can select them rightly according to different demands from end user !

Flexiable Utilization of membrane switch backpanel

If just need to enhance the keypad’s solidity, you can add a PMMA/PC/FR4, etc. another back support panel. When you design your cabinet with screw holes and embed the keypad module assembly. Then you need to use hardware back panels, like stainless steel panel, Aluminum panel, etc. And also most times need to assemble the screws, and bolts on the metal back panel. We can also provide waterproof wahser if you plan to use waterproof membrane switches. We can also delivery emmited backlighting technology in the panel, or you can have a backlighting membrane switch.

membrane switch backlighting


Luphi is such kind of a professional manufacturer and can support any different application. We absolutely offer this extra value to finish your membrane switch assembly. Luphi can pot the tail to stop water intrusion by mounting your switch to a switch panel mount. The tactile switch and bezel assembly can then be put to the test to guarantee appropriate operation. Backpanel membrane switches are various kinds , they can provide you more better appearance and pratical functions.


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