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Graphic Overlay is A TOP decoration layer of Membrane Switch

Graphic overlay is on the top of membrane switch, underneath it, the lower part is circuit part (include of tactile metal dome layer and printed circuit layer). However, the graphic overlay maybe is made of PET, PC or silicone rubber material. on which any pattern,numbers and letters printed. It is decoration layer for membrane switch, also operation panel for user.  Graphic overlays provide a high-quality finish for membrane switch, act as an interface between people and machines.  This greatly depends upon the requirements of the application.

Graphic Overlay have a various surface treatment

About graphic overlay surface treatment of membrane switch, We can design and manufacture good graphic and properties top overlay according to customer’s detail requirements.  Whether what we do depends on customer functonalities completely. A kind of membrane switch request a strong tactile feeling for operating the control panel, so it should have PET,PC material overlay for this membrane switch, but also underneath every buttons of the overlay , there are many metal elastic domes to enhance more stronger tactile feeling. In another one, customer want to more comfortable and soft pressing feeling, then we should select silicone rubber material overlay for a membrane switch, it is so quiet when operate it. So the graphic overlay for membrane switches, will have two options , that is Plastic overlay and rubber keypad.Which options is all decided by customer. 

   It is possible to print a wide variety of graphic effects on different materials.  As plastic  overlayer, which can be thin, they are maybe PET or PC material. During assembly it needs  adhesive liners to stick with circuit part of membrane switch together and become a finished product. Therefore, Customer require to come silicone rubber overlay for membrane switch, they only consider how to fix the silicone rubber overlay on the circuit part of membrane switch, regardless of any adhesive event. They depending on the desired look. They can be just a few colors or they can be photographic in appearance.

Graphic overlay should be electrostatic discharge shielding 

As a operation interface between human and machine, it should be safe for human body. Since the end user must touch the graphic overlay for the user interface when they need to operation operation panel. However the graphic overlay material should be electrostatic discharge shielding so that being sure of the user is safe. Engineer always consider of such as these material , PET, PC and IOC etc, they are all anti-electrostatic. Yes, They need thiner, like this , it is convenient to assebmly and operation. In another one, in some cases, some of user interface require soft and comfortable pressing feeling.  Customer maybe want a rubber overlay for its control panel fixed on the user interface. These rubber overlay should have a good treatment of electrostatic discharge shielding ! 

Graphic overlay printing must have a strong anti-scratch power, color is not easy to fall off

We can see some of clear color graphic overlay for membrane switch, and then distinguish their own functions and feature for each button and keys on the operation panel, reach to control a machine and device rightly. The overlay printing graphic should be anti-scratch and not easy to fall off so that the membrane finished product switch has a more long service life. We often select matte PET material as the top overlay for membrane switch, because its surface is unevent and water-proof, when the paint printed on it, the paint can absorbed strongly and almost possible to fall off. Like this doing, Graphic overlay of membrane switch either present a beautiful appearance or has more longer service life span. Sometimes customer need special custom service for their graphic overlay printing under any extreme environment and bad weather condition. To meet such demand, we can do many testing for our products and services, such as Acid and salt corrosion testing, High temperature and water-proof and fire testing. 

LUPHITOUCH Graphic Overlays

LUPHITOUCH utilizes extensive types of materials for overlays. For instance the Autotype PET, GE HP Lexan PC, Reflex PET, PMMA, PC, etc. for graphic overlays progress. That is suitable for a number of environmental conditions.

We professionally design and manufacture high-quality graphic overlays to serve industrial controls, medical equipment and instruments, energy metering, Airplane, and other markets.

We provide many different kinds of material graphic overlay for membrance switch and membrane keypads. But they may be devided of two kinds , that is silicone rubber and plastic in general. Because two kinds of ones is popular in the current market. They meet most of customer’s demands and technology progress.Since customer require diverse applications for membrane switch, we have to consider more graphic overlays design and manufacture. 

Material: Autotype PET, GE HP Lexan PC, Reflex PET, PMMA, PC and Silicone Rubber etc.

Printing: silk screen printing, digital printing and rubber padkey injected 

Embossing Buttons: full button embossed, button rim embossed, logo embossed, that selected area embossed, LED windows embossed, can emboss any shape as per customer’s request.

Window: leave some areas that don’t require printing as the window. The window can be clear, can be tint, can be translucent, etc.

Cutouts: make somewhere be cutout which can be suitable to the bottom assembled components extended out.

In summary, the graphic overlays for membrane switch requirements is various, these depends on applications and functions of membrane switches mainly.


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