Integrated Assemblies

Integrated Assemblies

Integrated Assemblies

Luphi Provide Precision Integrated Asssemblies

LUPHITOUCH dedicated to lean manufacturing techniques in all of our operations, including human interface assemblies manufacturing, PCBA, electric circuit printed and box build assemblies. With dozen years integrated assemblies working experiences, we provide customer some integrated assemblies, membrane switch semi-finished products. But also fully membrane switch control system with our technology and capability. LuphiTouch has built  a sound green supply chain which ensure that we can get the qualified elements and required components very quickly. Such as the plastic, hardwares, cable, touchscreen and other electronics components and PCB board printing and FPC electronic printing service. We possess sophisticated engineering and designing team, advanced processing equipments and strict quality constrol system. This will guarantee the quality of each product shipped is so well and its property is best !

Our Integrated Assemblies Includes

Plastic + Rubber Service

Rigid plastic key combined soft silicone rubber into a whole, lamination gluing service. With screen printing or engraving letter and number on its surface. By good though light properties and a good tactile feeling for user operation.

PCB/FPC Membrane Switches integrated Assemblies

Delivery PCB Design and Circuit Printed Service, Membrane Keypad Design and printing, Lamination assembly service. Testing functions until meet customer’s unique requirements. Also provide FPC circuit design and flexiable circuit printing, membrane switch graphic overlay design and printing, lamination assembly service, complete customer project at all.

Rubber Keypad + PCB/FPC Assemblies

Silicone Rubber overlay + PCBA , Silicone rubber keypad with conductive carbon bill and silicone rubber keypad combines metal domes conductive layers together. As top conductive layer, underneath it where the lower conductive layer is placed, that is rigid PCB circuit layer. By using lamination method integrated into one together.

Silicone Rubber overlay + FPC , Silicone rubber keypad with conductive carbon printed connection points, or rubber keypad and metal domes conductive layer together. This is top conductive layer, underneath it where the lower conductive , FPC printed circuit layer. Using lamination method integrated into one together.

Membrane Switch Water-Proof Designing and Assemblies

Whether membrane switch has the attribute of water-proof depends on customer’s requirement completely. Because some of membrane switches maybe be utilized in serious environment, so it should be water proof and humidity, we design water proof washers for these membrane switches, manufacture these water proof washers. Then integrate them into one by lamination method. Its standard is up to IP67

Capacitive Touch Membrane Switch Assemblies

Through the customized IC chip to control the touch function wanted. Cover top overlay layer with customized graphic, letter, icon. More convenient to operate the surface panel for end user.

Its functions depend on IC chips on PCB board to realize. So it should execute the order from IC chips.

OCA lamination Precision Assemblies

We always import The back glue, 3M glue. Also, we laminate OCA on the back of the window with a thickened single-sided hardened optical grade PC lens. Meanwhile Luphi Electronics has the only high-grade dust-free and anti-static clean room in the industry, with OCA vacuum laminator and deaerator, which can provide customers with various value-added services of window OCA laminating PC lens.

Integrated Assembly

Our Integrated Assemblies Advantage

  • Global and domestic supply chain for all of your custom manufactured components and materials
  • Strictly materials incoming inspection to ensure all components are to specification
  • Program burning
  • Complete cabinet assembly and testing
  • Skillful workers and strong engineering capabilities
  • Engineering design support
  • Components and materials selection suggestion
  • ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified
  • Over 8 years OEM experiences for overseas market