Capacitive Membrane Switches

Capacitive Touch Membrane Switches

Capacitive Touch Membrane Switches

What’s Capacitive Touch Membrane Switch ?

 Capacitive touch membrane switch, which is a kind of special membrane switch, can realize its functions by a body’s touch , according to lighting brightness and dimness to adjust and control the circuit with IC chip soft programme. What is its unique is to control a device and a machine by lighting sensation. It has a special lamination structure, compare with bulging and dented overlay membrane switch. But also it should have a PCB mainboard for its control system. Meanwhile, it need a flexiable sensing circuit ,too. 

   The capacitive touch buttons/sensors on the PET circuit with translucent conductive ink. They also use ITO etching technology to make the capacitive touch buttons/sensors. Through the customized IC chip to control the touch function wanted.


As such capacitive touch membrane switch, the overlay materials can be very diverse. Either transparent PET, PC and Acrylic panel or transparent glass. For the normal membrane embossed keypads, the function is triggered by pressing these buttons downawards (metal domes or Polydome), and also the common membrane keypads only can only use PET or PC thin film for the graphic overlay.

We use a variety of overlay materials such as thick glass, PMMA, Polycarbonate panels, etc. The material choice is no longer a very thin film material, on the contrary, the options are changed. Its overlay thickness is little thicker. 

In addition, the capacitive touch keypad no longer needs heavy force to press buttons, you only need tiny touch the buttons, then the sensor pad can connect the circuit loop and occur the function. As same as the embossment membrane switch overlay. On which surface, the icons, patterns and numbers is printed with translucent paint so that a clear operation interface for end user.  

LUPHITouch: The Industry Leader for membrane switches

Since LUPHITOUCH closely follows up the industry trend, therefore, we are always at step forefront of domestic peers. We have also successfully developed our own capacitive touch membrane switches and inductive circuit foils.

Capacitive touch membrane switches consist of the top cover and the bellow sensor circuit. So, it’s the top cover can be from 0.15mm to 5.0mm thick PMMA, PC, glass, or other plates, which can cover nearly all different end market applications.

Likewise, the sensors on the inductive circuit can be printed on the PET film or etched on the ITO film. The different likes below:

Item Printed Sensor ITO Etched Sensor
Light-Transparency Low (70~85%) High (90~99%)
Cost Low High
Tool Fees Low High

Key Benefits of Capacitive Touch Membrane Switches:

  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Fingers light touch and non-conductive gloves touch
  • Can be backlighting
  • High Durability
  • Diverse front overlay selection
  • Friendly interface
  • Single key or multi-keys or slider
  • Low current needs

Applications for Capacitive Touch Membrane Switches

If you want to know more about our capacitive touch membrane switches services, please feel free to contact us.