Box Build Assembly

Box Build Assembly

Box Build Assembly

Box build assembly

A box build assembly is is always  called “turnkey assembly”. This means it is a complex assembly in electric industry, involved in an electro-mechanical assembly, other than the manufacturing of the PCBA. What handing customer to is a fully enclosure box build assembly at last.

Moreover, it consists of an outside box/enclosure, inner PCBA, interface keypad, wire harness, connectors, display unit, software running programme, etc. Combining all components and parts into be a full and finished product that can be directly sent to the customer for selling is just box build assembly.

Sometimes Customer need custom functions and applications for their devices or machines. They send you what they want to , is using the custom box build assembly to control and opertate a industrial machine. So such turnkey project, which needs have a primilary design, assembly and functionality testing, until to running on the machine. It involved of electric elements purchasing , installing and testing ect more key joints. Such custom box build assemly, customer raise their requirements , however, manufacturer take in to action for realizing customer’s special functionalities.

It covers such a wide range of items that complete the final assembly. Manufacturer has very strong engineering capability, skilled workers, a clean and no dust environment, good supply-chain management, good components, and parts coordinate ability for assembly manufacturing. Even though professional programme editors is in no lack available.

Our Box Build Assembly Process and Capability:

Luphi is the leading membrane switch and user interface, and promises customer to be ensuring high quality of each box build assembly. These should be closed with all our employees’ diligence and thrive at all. We have been focusing on D & R and manufacturing in electro- assembly field for 15 years, and accumulated abondant assembly and process experience, and functions and reliablity testing of products.

We have outstanding, round-the-clock customer service, therefore, we will be able to answer all your queries effectively and efficiently. Since our representatives have the skill and knowledge, thus they would be able to answer all your queries to your satisfaction.

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