Professional Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

LuphiTouch is a professional Contract Manufacturing enterprise

Firstly I introduce what is Contract Manufacturing ?

Contract Manufacturing means a form of cooperation in which an enterprise signs a contract with other manufacturers, and the manufacturer produces products, while the enterprise is responsible for product sales. The Contract Manufacturing mode is conducive to improving the utilization rate of existing resources in a larger range, promoting the refinement of the industrial chain, and facilitating the specialization and scale of the industrial chain.

What qualify is for contract manufacturing enterprise foreign sale firm want to ?

As Foreign sale firm, who often choose contract manufacturing for a few primary reasons. Including affording and effective ways to bring new products to the market. And distribute them broadly. Both parties gain their profit from this manufacturing activity.

Firstly The foreign sale firm needs its product manufactured in a factory or fixed location, and finishing all production of mold making and products according to thier requirements of foreign sale firm.

secondly, contract manufacturing enterprise should have abondunt production experient , technology capability, advanced prodcution equipment ,D&R , production scale and sound management system ,even though , some of sale firm need its contract manufacturing business partner conform with thier standard, they need the third inspection company to be invovled, cooperated with them together, designate factory to improve so much on management and environment, this will be called “Factory Inspection”!

Thirdly, contract manufacturing enterprise should agree with confidential argreement from foreign sale firm, It is necessary to ensure that all documents and information are confidential, the contract manufacturing factory can not expose them to any third party.

What ‘s LuphiTouch Advantage

LuphiTouch is a professional contract manufacturing enterprise,  with ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certified manufacturer. It also has an anti-static clean room, skilled workers, an experienced engineering team, state-of-art equipment and 10+ years of EMS experience.

This helps in providing electronics contract manufacturing service to customers from diverse fields. Include of membrane switch , electronic integrated asseblies and uer interface module solution etc.

These products will be used for many fields. For instance, medical, consumer electronics, defense, healthcare, telecommunication, networking and etc. fields.

welcome to any company and person to visit our factory and negociate about contract manufacturing events !