There are two types of capacitive touch membrane panel in our practical life, they have been utilized for many fields provide people more convenience. For us, We are almost known about these type touch switches, but we know how we operate them. So easily, we can touch its special part with finger, the device and machine can start and begin to work. We are custom to call them “touch membrane panel or touch membrane keypad”.Without any tactile feeling, So call as “no tactile membrane switch“, they can all control by finger touching. But On the phylosophy, they are two different kinds of control switch.

Now I can state the different points between them, make everyone learn its work principle of touch membrane switch better.


One type: Touch screen type control panel , just the screen of our smart phone, on which showing many beautiful small icons and images, when touch any icon or image, jump another webpage or realize other functions, connect calling and sound and music playing. Its functions are so completed, and very high sensitive, due to its touch signals are controlled by microsoft chip. Its touch signal produces by exchange of positive and negetive ions. It need the follow main electronic components combined and installed together. includes of OLED touch screen, mainboard carry with microsoft chips and control execute programme.


Two Type : Another touch screen type control panel, its top overlay is made of PMMA or Pc transparent panel, on which screen printing pattern or engraving pattern. Underneath it, there is a flexiable printing circuit , membrane button and key just according to button or key’s printing circuit. Such panel , user need to touch button or key, to realize functions of control switches. Because some led light dim or brightness, all touch features can be realized by light sension. It need some of main electronic components , includes of led light, mainboard carry with IC chips, membrane buttons or keys printed circuit and top overlay of printing custom pattern. In additional one, that is single chip or IC control pragramme !

Service Life : Long Life Service Life : Nomal life
Sensitivity: High Sensitivity: Normal (depend on IC quality)
Display Pattern: Pixel display Display Pattern: printing and engraving
Material : GlassMaterial : PMMA or PC
Function realization: Ions transferFunction realization: light sension
Sealing : very good , Sealing : Normal

We can provide different type of touch membrane control panel according to customer’s requirements, we have mature outsourcing and supply chain for various kinds of membrane button and keys panel , rightly assembly and precision function tesing instruments. With 15 years membrane switch design and production, membrane control panel turnkey contract manufacturing experience, etc, And any question, you can ask us any time.

Posted by LuPhiTech......June.21,2024