silicone rubber keypad

Composition of heat-resistance silicone rubber keypad 

Silicone rubbers are silicone polymer compounds made from siloxanes. The production is based on a polymerization reaction and subsequent vulcanization using organic peroxide compounds or γ-radiation. heat-resistance silicone rubber keypad is atmospheric influences, temperature extremes, and reagents; demonstrates ablative stability. In addition, it means that heat-resistant rubber does not deteriorate under mechanical, thermal, thermo-oxidative stress.

Heat-ressitance silicone rubber keypad properties

Silicone rubber is a material that is equally successfully common in products for everyday household needs and creating airliners and spaceships. The heat resistance of keypads made of siloxane polymer raw materials exceeds that of all other plastics. Silicone rubbers maintain their operating parameters. It is at negative temperatures, reaching -60 ℃, positive – up to +250 ℃. There are certain types of heat-resistant silicone keypads designed for use at -100 and + 400 ℃.

Heat-resistant silicone rubber keypads have a long service life, as they are resistant to mechanical and chemical stress. In addition, they are hygienic and mostly harmless to humans and animals. Yet, thanks to all these properties, they are common in a wide variety of industrial areas. Seals, heat-resistant rubber membranes are installed on heat presses, boiler equipment. Good performance is demonstrated by silicone keypads, other parts of membrane keypad manufacturer china.  The units are exposed to high-temperature loads.

Heat-resistance silicone rubber keypad application fields

  • Cars and transportation tool field

Keypads improve the damping performance of cars, increases the cabin’s comfort. Moreover, it reduces wear on components and trim elements. Heat-resistant silicone keypads are present in the engine, headlights.

Ignition system, spark plugs, ventilation flaps, electrical wiring. Heat-resistant silicone keypads are a permanent attribute; membrane keypad manufacturer china. They are presented in seals for window products, exterior, and interior doors, effectively dampen sound and vibration waves.

  • Electrical engineering and keypads

  High dielectric values ​​allow the use of heat-resistant silicone keypads in electrical engineering. They can withstand any temperature load, aggressive environment. Excellent dielectric properties, resistance to ignition, and the possibility of using them at high temperatures make it possible to safely use silicones in the production of insulators for power lines, power supply communications of railways. This is working.

  • In medicine

Heat-resistant keypads made of silicone rubbers do not contain toxic components, are harmless and hygienic. As a result, membrane keypad manufacturer china is widely common in medicine, the pharmaceutical industry, and the production of hygiene and children’s goods. Correspondingly, a wide range of products includes:

  • Probes
  • Catheters
  • intravenous injection systems
  • masks, prostheses
  • infant products and baby toys 

For babies, nipples, attachments, toys, bottles are made of silicone material. Heat-resistant silicone products are subject to repeated sterilization. As well as; do not cause any physiological reactions of rejection, wash well, do not stimulate dust adhesion.

  • Rubber products

These rubber products are easy to clean with both dry and wet cleaning. Membrane keypad manufacturer china produces high end products at best price. Silicone rubber materials are available in cluster parts. A large number of silicone tubes and keypads are common when pouring milk. The material meets international requirements for raw materials in contact with food.

Silicone Rubber keypad Seals on home food products

Everyone is familiar with the seals on home food processors, bread makers, and yogurt makers, multicookers. Due to its superior heat resistance. In addition, it works for baking bread and confectionery.

Undoubtedly, they are all easy to use. The liner former makes it easy to apply the gel-like content to the desired location. Like; Polymerization is fast. For example, a silicone sealant hardens within 10 minutes. However, the composition can fill cracks up to 6 mm wide. Apart from this, the composite withstands thermal and mechanical stress well. For example,it is often common for the repair of powerful engines.  And the surface must be well cleaned before applying the gel.

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