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Touchscreen LCD Display Module: Dsiplay Window OCA Lamination

OCA means optical adhesive. For some end using, the machine interface has the touch and or display function except for the buttons switch function. So for such kind of application, the membrane switch is usually combined with touchscreen or LCD to be a membrane switch module. But how to apply the touchscreen or LCD to the membrane switch? Here we can use OCA full lamination (or called OCA bonding) technology to combine the touchscreen or LCD with membrane switch together. First laminate the OCA adhesive on the assembly side of the touchscreen or LCD, then stick it to the backside of the membrane switch display window, then use the vacuum lamination machine to laminate it. After this process there may be little or big air bubbles at display window area, then need use the defoaming machine to defoam the air bubbles. See below cases of our manufactured OCA bonding membrane switches:

Posted by LuPhiTech......July.24,2024