Emboss Keypads Membrane switch Profile

Emboss keypads membrane switch, its surface of graphic overlay can be embossed with icons, letters and numbers by laser. The use of embossing is now practically universal in membrane switch designs so that its mark is so clear or clear wave feeling and proof-wear. It should be durable and a long life. Of course , something like these products , there are so many in our daily life. Such as TV remote controller, air conditioner remote controller and electric fan romote controller etc.

Classification As its’ applications

When its’ graphic overlay is embossed, there are three basic options: pillow embosses, rim  embosses and thin translucent emboss , Additionally and custom  are available.

The following as three kinds of different emboss membrane graphic overlays, according to its applications and functions. For example, romote controller in our daily life, composed of the graphic overlay is made of silicone rubber, on which of its back side, you can find its keys are all embossed, but also circle nut in the central of press key. it can enhance soft tactile feeling. Therefore on the positive face, spread some pillow keys evenly.

Different Applications for differnet classification

When tactile feedback is necessary, the pillow emboss enables the membrane switch to have a thinner construction. The pillow will be placed on top of the metal dome and offer satisfying tactile feedback.

Membrane switches use the rim emboss (with or without tactile feedback). With this design, the user can use a finger to find the key.

Utilizing a membrane design with LEDs built into the circuit board, the led window emboss is used. This is a practical approach to creating the switch backlit effective. As soon as the switch is connected by electricity, it looks is so clear. Like this, it can be operated in convenient in dark environment.

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Posted by LuPhiTech......May.29,2024