5 Steps to Fix Tactical Membrane Switch

Jul 23, 2021

To fix tactical membrane switch is easy and here are all 5 steps you need to know:

Fix membrane switch

Tactical membrane switch

Step 1: Remove the keycap

Use the key puller to remove the keycap from the switch. Sometimes the switch will follow your keycap if the keycap is too close to the switch and this is completely normal. With long keys like the space bar, you remove the keycaps around first and gently remove the keycap from the switch.

Step 2: Remove the switch

Use the switch puller to press the 2 levers on the top and bottom of the switch as shown. When they are pressed in, pull up to remove the switch from the switch. The switch remover can scratch your plate, so handle it carefully when removing the switch.

Step 3: Adjust the 2 pins on the switch

Before attaching new tactile membrane switch, you must make sure they are compatible. Look closely at the copper pins underneath the switch and they should be perfectly straight. Sometimes during transportation or improperly attaching the switch, the switch pins may be bent. The switch pins can be repositioned easily by using tweezers.

Step 4: install the switch

Align the switch on the switch mounting hole and mount it straight down. When pressed down, there will be a little resistance, press down a little more and the switch will lie neatly on the switch. You should open typing software on your computer to make sure the switch works when you press down.

Step 5: Install keycap

Once you’re sure the tactile membrane switch is properly attached, snap the keycap back into place. Just pay attention to some important points,such as the switch leg must be straight. In another one, there is no foreign object inside the socket before attaching the switch. And don’t forget to carefully read the user manual that Glorious gives you in the box.

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