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PARTS: Hardware Parts

Our Box Build Assembly Process and Capability:
Mechanical design and Process.
PCB design and assembly.
BOM List Make.
Also, An full collaborative effort supply chain for our components and outward processing.
PCB assembly.
Program development.
Software burn-in.
Tools making and Prototypes development.
Mass production.
Function testing and reliability testing.
Customize packing.
After sales service and maintainance service.
Wire Harnesses and cable assembly.
Logistic plan.
Luphi is the leading membrane switch and user interface, and promises customer to be ensuring high quality of each box build assembly. These should be closed with all our employees’ diligence and thrive at all. We have been focusing on D & R and manufacturing in electro- assembly field for 15 years, and accumulated abondant assembly and process experience, and functions and reliablity testing of products.

We have outstanding, round-the-clock customer service, therefore, we will be able to answer all your queries effectively and efficiently. Since our representatives have the skill and knowledge, thus they would be able to answer all your queries to your satisfaction.

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Posted by LuPhiTech......July.24,2024