household appliances field

Household Appliances Field

Household Appliances Field

With people life improvement coutinuously, household appliances becomes more and more automatic, when you walk into a big supermarket causally, you can see all kinds of household appliances display on the front of you. Especially, microwave , rice cooker, washing machine, electric stove , electric baking pan, some merchandises like this, we are all similar with them, we know that we can’t leave them, because they are our necessory in our life. 

   Therefore, we have found that these products have become more intelligent, but also we can operate them in more convenient condition, they can almost finish serial actions for my daily demands without personal operation. Sometimes , as long as you have a right setting up for its work time, it will complete all actions rightly. this will be the progress of humen being, meanwhile it is the development of technology, too. 

 With higher and higher living level people looking after, daily household appliances should development to more higher automative, from their control system to excution order, there is a big step among them, because of its switch need more convenient and security. It should take into consideration of people’s life security. So all related to electricity operation, it will be sure of operations should be security. Justly membrane switch should be selected. It is so security and being operated conveniently that it will be popular, using to come with household appliances , make them become more and more popular .

As one of professional membrane switches manufacturers, we have been focus on D & R of membrane switches for 15 years, designing and making various of kinds of membrane switches, even though some delicate components for this kind of switch. Includes of graphic overly, printed curcuit , and PCBA assembly, some of silicone rubber keypad, user interface all box build adjustation and testing. 

why choosing membrane switches for daily household appliances ?

  • Firstly , membrane switch is convenient. It need have a presss downwards only, which start working, replace of complex actions of traditional mechanical switch , increase working effective, saving labor cost . 
  • Secondly, As membrane switch ,which is security. Whenever, it always control strong electricity power with micro electricity power , so that let appliance to work , people touch of micro electricy power only, and so far from strong electricity power, avoid electricity shock attack completely, so it is security .
  • Thirdly , it can realize automation and intelligentization, because it has its own control circuit and running system , even though burning singlechip embed, and realize some of automation programa and order actions. and makes device more and more intelligentization.
  • Fourth, membrane switches is durable and serve a long life, it is water-proof, oil-resistane, fire proof , contaimination resistance special properties.
  • Installing easily and disattached fastly. when something wth membrane switch, you need disconnect with foot port, then tear off the membrane switch, and stick a new one , and connect with foot port rightly, just this is simply.

Why Choose LuphiTouch ?

  • Dongguan LuPhi Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (short for LuPhiTouch bellow) is established in 2008. The factory area is about 3500 square meters.
  • We have Bright and Spacious dust-clear Workshop, advanced production equipment and encapsulation equipments and skilled workers and fully reinforced engineer team,
  • LuphiTouch have been certified by IS09001, IS014001, IS013485 and OHSAS18001. 
  • We have been specializing for membrane switches’ D&R and Manufacture for 15 yeasr, can design and process various kinds of backlit membrane keypads for the switch,include of the LED backlit switch, EL backlit switch and LGF backlit switch.
  • LuphiToch ensure the goods of each customer is shiped on time
  • Meet the demands of membrane switches includes of Electric curcuit printing , graphic overlay design and printing , tactile dome and adhesive encapsulation , assembly at last !

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