How to prevent the window of membrane switch from being scratched

How to prevent the windows of the membrane switch from being scratched, the connection of the membrane switch to the display window, and the user’s requirements for the transparency of the windows are very strict and no defects are allowed, in particular, users sometimes use the quality of the glass to check the display window of the membrane switch. Remember someone said that the user is always right, how do we control the window membrane switch? First of all, we should have a high degree of quality awareness, strict control of all production links. The window and the key of the membrane switch are a whole, the key production process is complex, the flow is many, every production link of the membrane switch must consider to protect the window from scratch. Control raw materials, transparency and scratch test levels for purchased raw materials. For the material selection of membrane switch with display window, must choose anti-scratch material, the front anti-scratch grade is particularly important, the raw material purchased is a certain material has a protective film on both sides, when the material is cut, will not cause damage to the material, the material choice is improper, the window scratches are difficult to control. In a printing environment, printing usually takes place in a dust-free workshop, dust-free is only relative, semi-automatic screen printing, window exposure time is longer, especially when there are many color film switches, consider printing water-based protective paint on windows in the second process so that subsequent processes can protect windows from dust damage, and then covering the windows with protective film after the last process. Automatic printing of each printing process must be covered with protective film, at the same time note that rubber can not be attached to the dust particles to prevent window scratches.Standardized operation, every step of the production process, must not be allowed to touch the window area, at the same time prohibit cleaning the window. Both cover the window with their fingers, leaving marks, and then gently wipe away any possible damage. Film switch production involves a large number of mold, mold window area must be smooth and bright, in the production process to check whether there is debris on the mold to prevent extrusion window. Screen surface to pay special attention, can not have trachoma, prevent screen surface oil leakage. After printing, the finished board must be double-sided composite adhesive connector assembly. Usually after the circuit assembly is completed, do the last process paste panel, remove the back of the protective film paste panel, paste immediately after the window area covered with protective film.

Posted by LuPhiTech......July.23,2024